The month of August begins with another weekly Sun Cycle report, this time featuring a wireless gaming mouse from Pulsar as well as several keyboards and switches from AKKO. Let’s find out what are those.

Pulsar X2 Mini Premium Black Edition wireless gaming mouse

First of all is the Pulsar X2 Mini Premium Black edition wireless gaming mouse, which boasts ultralight weight and the new flagship 26K sensor. This edition features a premium grip coating with a rubberized surface that is designed to provide gamers with enhanced grip and control.

Akko 5087S VIA series and White & Blue 3084B Plus

On to the keyboard section, we have the 5087S VIA series and White & Blue 3084B Plus from AKKO, both of which feature 5-pin hot-swappable sockets, RGB backlit, and double-shot PBT keycaps. Here’s a table detailing the switches used and the connectivity options:

Board NameModeSwitch Choices
5087S VIA Steam EngineWired Type-C onlyGateron Orange (Lubed)
5087S VIA Black on WhiteWired Type-C onlyGateron Orange (Lubed)
5087S VIA Black & PinkWired Type-C onlyAkko V3 Cream Yellow
White & Blue 3084B plusTri-ModeAkko Jelly Pink/Purple

Akko V3 Cream Blue & Yellow Pro Switches

Also from AKKO,  the V3 Cream Yellow and Cream Blue Pro switches bring various improvements in comparison to the previous ones, including enhanced metallic parts, factory lube, box stem for better dustproof, and comes in 5-pin.

Pricing and Availability

Great news as everything mentioned today is now available in Malaysia at the following prices:

  • Pulsar X2 Mini Premium Black Edition — RM399
  • AKKO 5087S VIA Steam Engine — RM349
  • AKKO 5087S VIA Black on White — RM299
  • AKKO 5087S VIA Black & Pink — RM269
  • AKKO V3 Cream Yellow Pro 45pcs — RM39
  • AKKO V3 Cream Blue Pro 45pcs — RM39

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