Entering the second week of April 2023, Sun Cycle has brought in a couple of new products for DIY PC builders.

Deepcool LT720 LT520 White AIO Water Cooling

First, we have the DeepCool LT720 and LT520 White AIO CPU cooler coming in your usual sizes of either 360mm or 240mm. The radiator panel features custom-tuned FK120 fans, 4th generation high-performance water pump for improved cooling, and the CPU block hosting a cool infinity mirror for more flairs in your rig without compromising your full white rig.

FSP Hydro PTM PRO 1200W

On the other hand, FSP’s Hydro PTM PRO ATX 3.0 1200W power supply unit is here to pack everything you need to power up the most beastly PC component you can find in the market right now. Complying with ATX12V V3.0 and EPS12V V2.92, its powerful +12V single rail design, and 92%+ efficiency rating delivers stable electric flow with the full set of voltage protection labels. Everything is kept cool through the intelligent fan that controls its noise and fan speed dynamically.


Everything listed here is available in the Malaysian market right now at the following price:

  • DeepCool LT720 White AIO CPU Cooler @ RM549
  • DeepCool LT720 White AIO CPU Cooler @ RM429
  • FSP Hydrop PTM PRO ATX 3.0 1200W @ RM1,199

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