Welcome back to the 46th edition of the Weekly Sun Cycle report, where they have announced several new products from NZXT and Keychron. Let’s find out what are those.

NZXT H5 Elite and Flow PC Case

Starting off this week are the new NZXT H5 Elite and H5 Flow mid-tower cases, which both feature a unique angled 120mm air duct fan for GPU cooling, as well as optimized cable management which makes these cases an ideal choice for compact builds. The opened top panel also allows for increased exhaust flow, which provides further cooling to the system.

On top of that, they have a wider chassis and larger panel size than their predecessors, offering extra space to equip a 240mm radiator or two 120mm fans.

NZXT T120 CPU Cooler

Considered getting one of the PC cases mentioned above? Well, you can also opt for these NZXT T120 CPU coolers to finish off the combo! These coolers are equipped with either a clean-looking F120P or a stylish F120RGB fan, and 4 heat pipes with direct contact technology to deliver excellent heat dissipation.

NZXT High Performance Thermal Paste

And in case you want even your thermal paste to be NZXT ones, the NZXT High-performance thermal paste has been brought into the Malaysian market as well, pretty cool as it can cool both your CPU and GPU effectively.

Keychron V1 Series Keyboard

Moving on to the keyboard section, we have the Keychron V1 fully customizable mechanical keyboard. Boasting a compact 75% layout, it has QMK/VIA support, an acoustic silicone pad, and double-shot PBT keycaps.

For beginners who would love to step into the world of custom keyboards, the V1 keyboard is definitely a great start for them.

Keychron Q8 Series Alice Layout KeyboardIf you are looking for something a little more “unique”, the Keychron Q8 is the one for you, as it comes with an alice layout while providing users with loads of customization capability. The keyboard is also equipped with a CNC aluminum case, a double-gasket mount design, QMK/VIA support, etc.

Pricing and Availability

Good news this week as all the items mentioned today are currently available in Malaysia at the following prices:

  • NZXT H5 Elite — RM599
  • NZXT H5 Flow — RM389
  • NZXT T120 RGB — RM229
  • NZXT T120 — RM199
  • NZXT High-Performance Thermal Paste 15g/3g — RM78/RM39
  • Keychron Q8 Hot-Swap RGB Barebone Knob — RM679
  • Keychron Q8 Hot-Swap RGB Fully Assemble — RM729
  • Keychron Q8 Hot-Swap RGB Fully Assemble Knob — RM 759
  • Keychron V1 Hot-Swap RGB Barebone — RM299
  • Keychron V1 Hot-Swap RGB Fully Assembled Knob — RM399

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