Another new week means yet another set of good news from local distributor Sun Cycle who’s prepared to bring in a total of 6 new items into Malaysia. Let’s see what they have in store.ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Series

Since the official GeForce RTX 3080 Ti reveal during COMPUTEX 2021 has been done last week, ZOTAC quickly followed up with their own custom designs featuring the new HoloBlack design with the AMP Holo pertaining to the usual aurora-like holographic finish while the Trinity plays a more stealthy approach. ZOTAC also promised a greater heat dissipation performance by slightly refining the use of materials and placements of copper heat pipes.

ASRock X570S B550 PG Riptide

For ASRock, 2 new AMD motherboards containing the B550 and X570S chipsets with the latter being AMD’s response to the old problems of the original X570 requiring active cooling components due to the sheer heat generated during operation. With the X570S, however, passive cooling is the only thing needed to cool them off so definitely great news for those looking to upgrade to a stronger rig. Also coming with the motherboards is the Killer E3100 2.5Gbps Ethernet in case you do run a network of that bandwidth.

NZXT N7 Z590

Moving onto Intel’s side, NZXT has released a new N7 full-size ATX motherboard running the Z590 chipset supporting the latest 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs, PCIe 4.0, Intel Wi-Fi 6e, and Bluetooth 5.1. With the streamlined board layout, extremely minimalistic use of colors, and an abundance of I/O ports, both gamers, and designer-class users will find this super appealing for their next upgrade.

Phanteks Glacier One 360 MPH

Phanteks’s latest 360mm AiO cooler is about pure performance due to it running high-speed fans that can reach up to 2200RPM while still incorporating the ARGB essence thanks to the HALOS D-RGB fan frames lighting up the spinning boys. Additionally, Phanteks have confirmed that it will be supporting the upcoming LGA 1700 socket which is basically the 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs so definitely looking forward to its multi-platform support.

be quiet Silent Loop 2

Still in the cooler space, be quiet! 2nd iteration of the Silent Loop series is back with a new 3 chamber design coupled with extensive use of insulating material suppressing vibrations and turbulence to reach a minimum operating noise and with the Silent Wings 3 on the radiator spins at high speed, be quiet! is confidently offering the Silent Loop 2 as the its best AiO cooler to date.

Glorious GMMK Pro

Lastly, Glorious’s GMMK PRO gaming keyboard is nothing shy of being one of the premium offerings out there. Featuring a fully modular design and a 75% layout, it is packed within a high-quality aluminum case that has been fully machined to perfection alongside a 5-pin PCB, and a rotary encoder on top of the detachable USB-C wire for full-on customization and pimping dreams of your desires. Those scouting for a new 75% keyboard with quite a budget can step into the world of custom keyboard and the modding scene with the GMMK PRO.


All items except the ones from ASRock and Phanteks are already making their way into the market through resellers with the following price tag.

  • ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti: RM7,349 (Trinity OC) / RM7,999 (AMP Holo)
  • NZXT N7 Z590: RM1,200 (Black / White)
  • be quiet! Silent Loop 2: RM569 (240mm) / RM619 (280mm) / RM699 (360mm)
  • Glorious GMMK PRO: RM739 (Black / White)

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