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In today’s tech news, Apple in deep trouble , Twitter’s little brother , IBM kills their own invention and many more!

Hello , ladies and gentlemen! This is Jack from Tech-Critter and welcome to another Weekly Byte , your weekly byte sized summary for everything tech related. It’s been a tamer week for the tech industry , but as usual lets jump right in.

Apple plans to strengthen iCloud security after hacked celebrity nudes:
Apple has revealed plans to strengthen the security of their iClous service after it being hacked. Current CEO of Apple has assured users that none of their Apple IDs , passwords and personal information has been stolen. They plan to strengthen said service’s security by incorporating a two step authentication method that has already been used within the gaming industry for quite sometime with success. Read up more about it here.

Apple’s stocks has plunged due to said celebrity nudes leak incident:
Apple’s market value has plunged a whopping $26.1 billion , caused by the celebrity nudes leak and multiple other factors. Stock holders of said company was faced with a 4% drop in their shares , the largest drop since January. Read up more about it here.

Android L’s real name coming soon:
Google has revealed at the start of the year their next version of android OS as Android L , but as of right now no one actually knows what the “L” stands for. There were lots of speculation as of what it could’ve stood for , but it seems like we’ll get to find out soon. The operating system already has a preview available , and some reviews from people using it showed a multitude of interesting features. Stay tuned as we will update you when we know the actual name of this fresh iteration of the OS.

“Smart Chopsticks” will tell you if your food is safe:
Baidu , the Chinese search engine giant has invented the “Smart Chopsticks” that can detect unsanitary cooking oils that are infamous in China. No public release date or price has been announced yet as they are still at the final stage of testing said device. Major props to them for ensuring the health of the common folks like us!

Huawei joins the smartwatch race:
Huawei , an up and rising smartphone company , seems to have placed interest in joining the smartwatch race. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu has stated that the company is working on an Android-based smartwatch that will hit the market sometime next year. So far no other details is known about their coming smartwatch or the company’s approach in manufacturing it, but as usual , do stay tuned as we will update you when as soon as we know.

Twitter’s little brother Steven?:
Steven , created by former Twitter Chief Scientist is an Emoji-based social app. As you might’ve already guessed , the app uses Emojis to respond to posts , log your activities , check-in to places etc. Read up more about this cute little app and the interesting back story of it’s inventor here.

IBM wants to kill what it has previously invented:
IBM the creator of the Hard Drive that we all have known and grown to love is planning on replacing it with their new found technology. A team at IBM Research’s facility has seem to found said storage technology’s successor , and it is named the “racetrack memory”. Read up more about it here.

Intel announces their new 14-nanometre processors:
Intel has done it yet again ! Known as the Core M chip that is the first of Intel’s new generation of processors known as Broadwell , it is one of the first processing chips to go through the 14-nanometre manufacturing process. Intel has claimed the shrinkage in sized compared to their predecessors will offer a significant battery life improvement and is 30% thinner than the Haswell generation line of processors. This will result in laptop-tablets with thinner form factors and improved battery life as the processor will no longer need a fan to cool it. Read up more about it here.

Well , that’s about it for this week folks ! I hope you guys have a nice weekend, once again this has been Jack bringing you the Weekly Byte. Stay tuned next week for more tech news, thanks for reading!


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