My first mousepad was a plastic coated rubber with an advert of a local health clinic that I got for free when I was a kid which was okay considering that the mouse was a ball track type anyway. Moving on a few years later, as we see optical and then laser sensor mice and I don’t think that mousepad is gonna cut it anymore (neither do I know where it ended up).

There are a ton of mousepads in the market to choose from but at last I’ve chosen one that I think will be a favourite of many: The Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mousepad. Not that the term means that you must game hard on it though, this retails at around RM95 depending on where you get it from.


  • Width: 340 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 229g (approximate)


Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 1

The G440 comes in a flat cardboard pack in a “Tron”- styled art design that says nothing much at the front aside from the brand name and model.

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 3

At the back, you get some labels identifying the traits of the G440 mouse-pad along with a small sample area (not a window) of the hard polymer surface for users to get a feel of it. Specifications and addresses are also stated at the bottom. Oh its also covered with a 3-year warranty.

The G440 Mousepad

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 5

Taking it out of the packaging, the G440 isn’t designed to be flashy and only has a simple Logitech Gaming logo at the bottom right corner. As like the Roccat Raivo, it also featured a 3-layered construction, namely a polypropylene top layer, polystyrene core and a rubber base. It is however only available in black.

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 7

You will also get a sheet of documentation that covers the safety, compliance and warranty information for the G440.

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 9

The back of the G440 is a grippy rubberised layer, though it doesn’t really stick like the Roccat Siru, the grip is adequate so that it doesn’t slide around while in use.

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 11

If you take a close look at the rubber surface, it’s textured in a way to maximize grip.

Testing and Usage

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 13

Logitech boasted that the G440 “gives gamers access to enhanced sensor accuracy and precision.” Which is said to be optimal when used with their G-series mice. But I’ll be using my trusty SteelSeries Ikari Optical for the test.

First off, the G440 gives a very smooth glide compared to my other two cloth mouse-pad that I was using. Logitech sure knows what they were talking about low friction surface. Tracking is very accurate and consistent as well that made gaming and working enjoyable. As a bonus, my cat can’t scratch the surface anymore (but it didn’t deter her from taking a nap on it) and it’s easy to clean..

The edges of the G440 takes some time getting used especially if you’re switching from a cloth mousepad. This is because the edges are hard and will kinda bite into your wrist. Thankfully, it’s not sharp enough to cut through my skin throughout the past week that I have been using the G440.


The Logitech G440 is a decent mousepad that I could recommend to those looking to get a smooth glide and accurate tracking. The pricetag of RM95 however, may deter some from getting it but I think it is not too bad of an investment considering the improvement in glide, tracking and durability that the G440 has to offer.


  • Smooth Polymer low friction surface
  • Good tracking
  • Easy to clean surface


  • Slightly sharp edges that may cause discomfort
  • No alternative color choices
  • Price may be a bit high for a mousepad

With that said, the Logitech G440 takes home the Silver and Recommended Tech-Critter badge!

Unboxing & Review: Logitech G440 Hard Surface Mousepad 15


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