Students don’t have it easy. If you know the struggle of juggling school, work, and your social life, then you know the discipline and sacrifice it takes to achieve a perfect balance. That’s why an assignment writing service or a platform like GPT chat can be a lifesaver in many cases for students everywhere.

But now, you’re left with the question: Which option is better? We will show you why a credible writing service is better than Chat GPT.

For context, essaypro assignment writing service where you can hire an expert to tackle any academic task. On the other hand, Chat GPT is an AI language model, which leads us to our next point.

GPT Chat: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re unfamiliar with Chat GPT, wonder, “What is Chat GPT?” All you need to know is that it’s an AI language model that answers your questions or fulfills your requests via chat messages. You ask it a question or a request by sending a chat message, and it generates an answer for you.


GPT Chat can be used for free, and its intuitive chat messenger interface makes it easy to use. It’s become popular because of these perks and because it instantly responds to requests.


Chat GPT is fast and efficient, but on the flip side, it generates unoriginal content that lacks creativity. It’s not surprising; it is AI, after all, and it relies completely on its database that holds information up to 2021. The content that it produces is also usually of low quality. You’ll need to put in much effort to modify what it generates.

AI content detectors like GPTZero or plagiarism detector tools also easily detect the content. You’ll also need to fact-check what it generates because it occasionally produces false information.

Ultimately, it can’t handle complex writing tasks like an assignment writing service can. It’s limited to superficial and straightforward tasks because OpenAI’s Chat GPT can only generate fast content that lacks creativity, nuances, depth, and originality.

There is also a chance that technical errors can arise when using it, which may affect its abilities and the quality of the content it produces.

Assignment Writing Services: Advantages and Disadvantages

ChatGPT is good for superficial tasks. An assignment writing help service can fill the gaps that the AI language model can’t.


You can take advantage of customizable writing options. Whatever your assignment’s requirements are, your chosen expert will care for them. An assignment writing service like Essay Pro has experts who know the ins and outs of academic writing. They know plagiarism is a serious offense and will never provide you with plagiarized work. You’ll also be given an originality report that proves the authenticity of the content.

Unlike Chat GPT, writing services can help you complete assignments from start to finish. AI can help you with some of the work, but an expert can handle all elements, from formatting to content.

Plus, you get nuanced, creative, original content with depth because you’re working with a human being. They will better understand the topic, while AI can only skim the surface most of the time.


The disadvantage of these services is that experts can’t instantly give you content. However, you can order assignments due in as short as 6 hours. You’ll also need to revise the work you receive to make sure it’s correct. Lastly, you’ll need to pay to use these services, but the prices are reasonable, and you will get a complete paper at the end.


Assignment help services have been in the business for years and have solid experience in academic writing. Students trust them and have been using them for years. On the contrary, OpenAI only released Chat GPT last year and can’t execute tasks with the same accuracy and quality.

You’re also limited with Chat GPT since it can only generate 4096 characters at a time, but with writing services, there is no character limit. There have also been cases where students got expelled from their institutions because of using Chat GPT. Many tools can detect writing from AI, and you can put yourself at a complete disadvantage by using AI content.


We’ve made it clear to you that Chat GPT isn’t optimized to do complex academic tasks. We highly advise students to use an assignment writing service like essay pro is legit because it will take care of all aspects of your assignment, and you’ll have professional help from start to finish. AI writing can only help you with a part of your task.

Ultimately, assignment writing services are the way to go if you’re looking for the most efficient and reliable way to complete a project.


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