Kingston has done a great job with its HyperX Cloud headsets in the past, well priced and accompanied with a very decent sound quality that makes it well received among the enthusiasts and it’s definitely one of the very best gaming headsets that are worth the money. 
In its attempt to penetrate the console market, Kingston has released a special edition of its HyperX Cloud headset that is specially designed for Microsoft’s XBox One and it’s been tested and approved by the company itself. Same award winning design with a twist, let’s see how will the HyperX CloudX perform!  

Unlike any HyperX Cloud headset we’ve seen previously, the CloudX box has a green lining on the upper section of the box which clearly states that it’s made for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows. 
On the right side of the box, you’ll find features such as hard shell carrying case, interchangeable ear cups, 2m extension cables, detachable microphone and notice of free technical support as well as limited 2-years warranty.
Behind the box, you’ll find a well-labelled diagram of the HyperX CloudX, its compatibility, 
and its features. 
Kingston takes its packaging seriously and we can see that through their effort with the packaging and accessories. Here’s what you’ll get in the box; quicks start guide, interchangeable ear cups, 2m extender cables, detachable microphone, hard shell carrying case and the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset.
The hard shell carrying case is an added bonus which you won’t be getting from any HyperX Cloud headset except for the CloudX. It provides that extra protection and portability, fit pretty much everything in it, definitely a wonderful piece of accessories to have. 
The HyperX CloudX are pretty much identical to all the previous HyperX Cloud headsets, except that they’ve added a little bit of twist to it; striped cable and the in-line volume wheel and mic control.
It’ comes with a standard 3.5mm audio jacks that are compatible with most devices, not limited only for the Xbox One. The volume wheel and mic control that makes volume adjustment at ease is definitely an added plus to the headset itself, especially one for console gamers who is constantly holding onto the controller. 
The padded headband is basically the same as the previous Cloud headsets, thick, but comfortable.
On the top of the headband, you’ll find the stitching of the HyperX logo did very well to add to the aesthetics; which is accompanied by more stitching along the rim.
The same adjustable extension provided by the metal support stays the same, but do be cautious if you’re among those who has a larger sized cranial as you might want to give the headset a fit try before purchasing.
You’ll get a pair of interchangeable ear cups, in case if you find the pleather ear cups hot or over isolating the noise and wanted to have a more breathable environment for your ear and not to get over-isolated from the outside world in case something happens
The rubber cover for the microphone jack is just as same as all the previous HyperX Cloud headset, it’s small… so, try not to lose it.  
User Experience 
The HyperX CloudX offers the same features as other HyperX Cloud headsets from the past, guaranteed extra comfort for long hours usage without applying too much pressure on the top of your head, decent noise isolation with a minimal sound leakage. The in-line volume control definitely comes in handy while adjusting volume during FPS games as unlike PC gamers who can still protect themselves with their gaming mouse while adjusting volume, something that cannot be achieved with a controller.   
Sound quality wise, the HyperX CloudX still works the best with FPS games as the footsteps of the enemy, direction of explosions and gunshots can be clearly heard during our Call of Duty: Advance Warfare gaming session. If you’re more of a person who enjoys music and movies more than games, the HyperX CloudX will still fit the role just as well regardless of the devices you’re on and the hard shell carrying case offers that extra protection for those who travels with their HyperX CloudX.
The HyperX CloudX definitely live up to the legacy of the HyperX Cloud headset, decent sound quality and build quality, the comfort and ease of use, everything that we’ve expected can be found on the HyperX CloudX. 
The price might be a little high compared to the past HyperX Cloud, Cloud II, and Cloud Core, but for RM 419, you’re getting something extra that isn’t available on the other Clouds, hard shell carry case and in-line volume and mic control – something that we personally find, worth of spending that extra bit on cash on. 

  • Sturdy, comfortable and good looking
  • Comes with a hard shell carry case
  • Interchangeable earcups
  • Decent sounding headphones
  • Braided cables 
  • Included PC extension cables 
  • In-line volume control and mic control
  • Detachable microphone


  • Slightly high on the price
  • Rubber cover for microphone jack is prone to loss