If you haven’t heard of Genius, they’re known for their wide range of tech products ranging from mice to tablets. Today we’re looking at an unique product from Genius, the combination of a wireless mouse and 2700mAh power bank known as the Energy Mouse.
This power bank and mouse hybrid retails at $29.99 (estimated around RM96.00), seems a little pricey for a non-gaming mouse? Let us find out if the Genius Energy Mouse worth its salt.

Technical Specifications
1200dpi Infrared Sensor
Receiver Frequency
2.4 GHz
4 (left click, right click,
middle scroll, charging button)
System Requirements
Windows: 8/7/Vista/XP
Mac: OSX 10.4 or later
Battery Capacity
Micro USB; 5V/1A (max)
USB x 1; 5V/1A (max)

The Genius Energy Mouse comes in a clear plastic box that allows us to see the actual product. The prominent features of the Genius Energy Mouse is displayed at the front of the box, which pretty much covers all the details we need to know about the mouse.

At the back of the box, we can see a brief introduction on the built-in power bank feature.

Inside the box, is a USB mini to USB cable, USB Pico receiver, User’s manual and the Genius Energy Mouse.

A closer look at the Genius Energy Mouse design, rubber grips are found on the spot that has the most contact surface with our palm and fingers to provide decent grip and comfort.

The USB port for plugging in the charging cable for smartphones is located at the back of the mouse.

A mini USB port for charging the Genius Energy Mouse is found at the front of the mouse

Do note that the front mini USB is only meant for charging the Genius Energy Mouse. Although it is highly resembles a wired mouse while being charged, it doesn’t really work as wired mouse.

While charging the energy mouse, you can just keep the receiver at the bottom of the mouse – no worries of losing it.

Product Experience 

We’ve tested the Genius Energy Mouse as both wireless mouse and power bank:

As a wireless mouse, the Genius Energy Mouse did a very great job as not only it has an extremely long battery life, getting the mouse to work is like instantly the moment when its receiver is plugged in. Due to some responsiveness issue, playing games that requires fast response with the Genius Energy Mouse is not recommended.

As a power bank, it really impress us as a fully charged Genius Energy mouse is capable of charging an iPhone 5s that has a remaining 10% battery life to full on first charge, while the second charge can go up to around 86%.  

Final Thoughts
The Genius Energy Mouse did well as purely as a wireless mouse for office work, the extremely long battery life and fast detection is the main selling point of it as a wireless mouse. Its capability of charging the iPhone 5s is another impressive point of it, but at the end of the day, we’d still prefer to have a more specialized product when it comes to personal preference.


  • Long battery life if used as a wireless mouse
  • Very fast detection
  • Capable to charge your smartphone to full battery for at least 1 time
  • Comes with rubber pads to give better comfort and better grip


  • Not very responsive when it comes to gaming

By taking its features and usability into consideration, the Genius Energy Mouse is awarded with a Tech Critter Silver Award and Recommended Award badges.