Filco made mechanical keyboards is well known for their excellent built quality, longevity and typing experience throughout the mechanical keyboard community. In today’s review, we’ll be getting our hands on the Filco Majestouch Minila Air, million thanks to Inter-Asia Technology for providing us with the review sample.

The Minila Air is a minimum layout bluetooth mechanical keyboard from Filco, continuing the legacy of the long forgotten Majestouch Wireless. Comes with a steep price tag of RM 429, what does the Majestouch Minila Air has to offer to be worthy of that price tag? Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Filco Majestouch Minila Air
67 Keys US ASCII key arrangement
Bluetooth 3.0 HID profile
MX Red, Blue or Brown
 297mm x 124mm x 40mm / 680g
AA batteries, FILCO key puller, Key caps for replacement
Filco went for a very straight forward approach that allows the end users to immediately know the nature of the keyboard at first glance. Our first impression? It’s a bluetooth keyboard with minimum layout.
Basically everything is pretty much written in Japanese but the figure showing the function keys is definitely a big help to us!
What’s included in the box? A Filco Majestouch Minila Air, a clear plastic cover, a pair of AA battery for the keyboard, a Filco metal wire keycap puller, some replacement keycaps and a user’s manual.
The layout comes a little different than the standard 60% layout that can be found on Vortex Poker II, some might find these uncomfortable:

  • extremely short right shift
  • extremely short spacebar
  • extremely short backspace

No worries of low quality imitation switches used as these are the genuine Cherry MX Blue from Cherry Corp.

Filco’s usual approach in placing their badge on non-full-sized keyboard.
Back view of the Minila Air.

At the back of the keyboard, you’ll find 4 pieces of non-slip rubber that helps to prevent unpleasant slippage.
Many has actually neglected or don’t even bother to have these non-slip rubber on the keyboard flip-up feet, from the looks of it we’re impressed by how Filco takes end user’s experience seriously.

The keyboard can be elevated according to your preference, but from our experience leaving the flip-up feet untouched gives us the best comfort for long hours of typing.
The Minila Air is powered with 2 AA battery.
The dip switches allows you to change the behavior of certain keys on the keyboard to your preferred combination.
The instruction for each dip switches can be found on the sticker at the back of the keyboard.
The ON/OFF switch and the connect button for device pairing. Paired device is saved in the keyboard memory with the maximum of 3 device supported and it will automatically search for the nearest device saved to establish a connection with the device.

User Experience
Typing on the Minila Air might trouble those who already become accustomed with a full-sized keyboard, but you’ll find it pleasant once you get the hang of it. Its small footprint makes it extremely portable and much of an ideal keyboard for mechanical keyboard lovers who travels a lot.

Connection wise, the initial device pairing might take awhile but as soon as it’s ready, the connection from turning on the keyboard takes only a seconds. It works great with our bluetooth enabled laptop and iPad and we didn’t experience any input delay throughout the entire typing test.

Our Verdict
Filco keyboards doesn’t comes cheap and we’re pretty sure that most end users would probably prefer to get a nice gaming keyboard with tons of colorful LED on it with that amount of money or a low cost mini layout bluetooth keyboard with a much lower price.  

As a user who already become accustomed typing on a mechanical keyboard, we find the Minila Air a good travel companion due to its small footprint and being able to satisfy our picky fingers. At the same time, we find there’s very limited option for custom keycaps as we haven’t came into any that is able to fully support the Minila Air due to its non-standard 60% layout.


  • Solid build quality
  • Comes with Filco metal wire keycap puller and dustproof plastic cover
  • Ideal for travel and limited workspace 
  • Extremely smooth keycaps
  • Quick and easy bluetooth device pairing that takes only a few seconds
  • Support up to 3 device saved in keyboard memory
  • Comes with dip switch to change they key mapping to suits your preference 


  • Hefty price tag
  • Due to the nature of ABS material, the keycaps is expected to wear faster than PBT/POM
  • Non-standard 60% layout gives limited option for custom keycaps
  • Non-standard 60% layout makes typing a little unpleasant to those who are more accustomed to the standard 100%/80%/60% layout