Ever wanted to get a budget case on the cheap? Now you can – as Cooler Master releases yet another classy budget mid-tower case into the market. Introducing the Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L – priced at only RM199.

It’s a mid-tower case that uses the same main body as the MasterBox Lite 5 that we featured here, but with a different front bezel. Instead of having any sort of transparent, angled tinted piece with changeable colored trims at the top and bottom, Cooler Master opted for a brushed aluminium finish over the entire height with colored trims at the side.

Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L

This time around, Cooler Master offers the MB600L in a total of 3 colored trims – red, blue, or silver. There are also two variants of the MB600L – on with a 5.25-inch bay and the another one without.

The one we have here is with red trims and without the 5.25-inch bay.

Both variants come with a tinted edge-to-edge acrylic side panel, a PSU shroud that covers nearly the entire length of the case, and still leave enough space to accommodate a 360mm radiator at the front. Though, I have the same complaint as the MasterBox Lite 5 – there are no top vents.

However, the rear fan mount does allow for some adjustment, so you can have the fan mounted a little lower for a more direct airflow from your CPU’s tower air cooler.

For the price of RM199, it’s surely a bargain for those who are seeking to build a mid-range gaming PC.

Cooler Master MB600L video review


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