Ubisoft has announced that the MONOPOLY Madness Dino City DLC is currently available, together with a new demo edition for new players to experience the game.

In this new DLC, chaos reigns across the jungle as players will have to compete with each other to obtain Money, Lava, and Bones to buy and upgrade properties. Open Community Chests acquire new power-ups, cause mayhem by riding an ankylosaurus into buildings, fling carnivorous plants at opponents, and there are many more things that players are able to do!

Aside from the new arenas, Dino City also revealed two new characters: the sweet Cave Kid and the adventurous Dodo, along with two new exclusive hats for players to equip. Be it offline or online, players will be able to play the Dino City streets together with their friends in any game mode.

Ubisoft MONOPOLY Madness Dino City DLC featured

What’s more, the MONOPOLY Madness demo gives new players the opportunity to try out Monopoly City, in which they will be able to play as one of ten playable characters and complete the tutorial and story mode offline alongside other local or AI players.

Kindly refer to MONOPOLY Madness’ official website for more information on the Dino City DLC.


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