PlatinumGames, known for great titles such as Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, Astral Chain, and more renowned titles revealed The Wonderful 101 Remastered through their Platinum 4 teaser website and fans picked up their wallet faster than their brains could react.

The game originally came out in August 2013 exclusively on Wii U and players control gang of superheroes to prevent alien terrorists from taking over the Earth. With the ability to morph into objects and straightforward mechanics, both casual and hardcore players found it enjoyable due to the cartoonish, cute visuals and flexible skill ceiling. Although it is common these days for fans supporting remasters of their favorite games, the true surprise is the overwhelming response to this particular Kickstarter campaign.

Speedrunning a Kickstarter campaign

The Wonderful 101 Remastered Kickstarter

As of the time of writing, $1,294,319 USD has been pledged by 19,787 backers. Compared to the original goal of $50,000 USD as a trial for self-publishing, PlatinumGames got more than 20 times the expected amount. As a matter of fact, the 1st goal was fulfilled as soon as the campaign went live. With that amount of support, the developers have promised PS4 and Steam ports, Time Attack mode, with the next goal being a 2D side-scrolling mini-game at 1.5 million USD and remix soundtracks at 1.75 million USD.

There is also a Twitter campaign for unlocking special perks by simply retweeting their celebratory video. Additional content and game modes will be received by backers in the form of free DLC, which is pretty sweet.

As the pledge amount continues to grow from old and new fans supporting the Kickstarter,  if PlatinumGames would consider Xbox port and add it to the stretch goal as soon as possible, the campaign could end with a ridiculous amount of funds. If you are also interested in backing the game, head over to its Kickstarter site for more information and updates.

More to come soon?

The Platinum 4 teaser site has a total of 4 stars. When The Wonderful 101 was first announced, one of the stars lit up, getting the name “TW101R KS” – which stands for “The Wonderful 101 Remake Kickstarter”.

Going by that consensus, it seems like PlatinumGames are going to have 3 more games to be announced through the Platinum 4 website.

Hopefully, it’ll be Bayonetta 3, Okami 2, and perhaps the next NieR game?


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