Mental health problems have been terrorizing people around the world as their inner fear shuts them down to live a normal life.

According to people that have been through clinical depression or experienced anxiety, the perception of fear and self-denying resulted in not seeking help from professionals and are less likely to admit they are mentally sick.

Gamers are happy because they do what they like?

Gamer Lifestyle

As modern entertainment started to shift towards consuming online content with relative ease, gamers have more reasons to stay indoors and chill out. Often associated as introverts, gaming being an important aspect of their lives could lead to less real-life social interaction in general. Alongside how the internet community can sometimes be really rude and cold-hearted, cyberbullying by trolls and haters made things worse as gamers just wanted to enjoy games with a simple heart and mind. On the other hand, view count, content and performance often stress out streamers in order to deliver expectations to viewers. But change is coming through the help of Healthy Gamer.

Healthy Gamer – Helping gamers to regain their life

Healthy Gamer by Dr. Kanojia

Healthy Gamer is a platform created by Dr. Alok Kanojia, a psychiatrist and more importantly a reformed gamer who once nearly failed out his college due to video game addiction ended up training and practicing in well-known locations such as Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Aside from wanting to share his experience in controlling addictions, he noticed a lack of academic research on the subject which frustrated him that people would talk about gamers without talking to one. Combining gamer psychology, neuroscience knowledge and relative techniques Dr. Kanojia helped hundreds from normal gamers, streamers to professional e-sports athletes.

Healthy Gamer’s popularity skyrocketed when Dr. Kanojia interviewed big-time streamers such as Reckful, Destiny, and Gorgc which helped them in their respective problems where past experience haunted them in one way or another and correct their thoughts through emotion realization and management. Dr. Kanojia is doing the interviews while live-streaming, therefore, Twitch Chat is part of the experience as well and viewers are often amazed by the interviewee having small yet positive changes in thoughts during the end.

Final Thoughts

As Healthy Gamer and Dr. Kanojia continue to gain more exposure with the helpful act, donations and subscriptions through Twitch have been helping them to expand. If you have similar issues as well such as depression, anxiety, social isolation, moodiness, unfulfilled relationships take a look at the videos. It may help you more than you think and as usual, seek help from your local specialist if necessary. Here are a few links to their various social media platform to start engaging their content.

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