Apart from its new CPU lineup announced back at CES 2020, Intel also announced a new power supply standard known as the ATX12VO which is expected to be available in 2020, as confirmed by CustomPC.

TechPowerUp also confirmed that the FSP500-30AKB teased at FSP booth back at CES 2020 was the first public exhibit of the new ATX12VO (Advanced Technology eXtended 12-Volt Only) power supply.

ATX12VO Specifications?

ATX12VO 10-pin connector diagram CustomPC
Image Source: Custom PC

Unlike the 24-pin ATX connector that we know, the new 10-pin connector greatly simplifies the design of power supplies as compared to what we have now. The new design will provide 12V power to the motherboard to power components attached to it i.e graphics cards, storage devices, and other internal devices.

For USB interface, SSDs, HDDs, and ODDs that require 5V input, there won’t be any need for the 3.3V and 5V rails. As 5V standby rail for USB interface will be replaced with 12V standby, the VRM on the motherboard will be handling the DC-to-DC switching of 12V to lower voltage that will not fry these low-powered devices. In addition to that, CustomPC also reported that the 8-pin/4+4pin EPS connector and 6+pin PCIe connector will be optional.

Source: CustomPC


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