Gaming has gone through a path from being considered a pointless hobby to one of the fastest-growing industries. Video gaming started generating a lot of money and evolved into an eSports industry. This market continuously grows thanks to increased viewership, the number of players, competitions, investors, and media attention.

Although the United States, Japan, China, and Korea kicked off eSports, it became very popular in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the gaming market is booming in Malaysia as well. Nevertheless, all of this wouldn’t be possible without technological advancements.

In this article, we will take a look at the impact of technology on the gaming industry in Malaysia.

Gaming Has Become More Accessible

Nowadays, video gaming is not only about a group of teenagers spending hours addictively playing games and having fun. It’s a billion-dollar industry elevated on the wings of technological improvements. The penetration of smartphones has accelerated the growth of the Malaysian gaming industry.

Mobile devices have become more accessible, especially for millennials, a generation that is most interested in gaming and eSports. Smartphones support various video games, including online slots games in Malaysia, and this guide will help you choose your favorite ones. Therefore, the online casino industry has also benefited from tech innovations.

Gamers in Malaysia prefer playing on their mobile devices, and the trend of moving away from consoles is pretty noticeable. Nowadays, only a bit more than 50% of gamers enjoy this activity on their consoles, while 75% play games on their smartphones.

Two-thirds of Malaysian gamers prefer playing games on their PC devices. Perhaps the main reason mobile gaming dominates over other devices lies in convenience. You can enjoy your favorite game anytime and anywhere, and it’s a great way to de-stress yourself when traveling to work, for example.

Therefore, mobile gaming became mainstream in the Malaysian gaming market, with a continuous trend of moving away from gadgets. Smartphones now have very fast processors and graphics that can support playing more demanding games, and that’s why they can compete with PCs.

How High-Speed Internet Enhances Gaming

Besides the improvements in gaming devices’ characteristics, a high-speed data flow also contributed a lot to the Malaysian gaming market expansion. Rapid growth in gaming is also connected to easy access to high-speed data. The internet is nowadays available to many people, especially the younger population, which is an essential prerequisite for a good gaming experience.

When this is combined with increased distribution of smartphones and low cost, it becomes a perfect ecosystem for video gaming market growth. The broadband connection is now more accessible to a wide range of people, and connection stability is a significant factor in the gaming experience. It is very important for professional gamers that do not experience connectivity troubles since they can get disconnected from a gaming server.

Even if the connectivity drops for a couple of seconds, it might be a problem for those whose profession is gaming. Besides connection stability, latency or ping is another important parameter for gamers. It means that gamers shouldn’t experience lag during their live gaming experience. A stable internet connection is now much more accessible, which can only improve your gaming experience.

Some telecommunication companies have recognized the gaming market potential and tailored their offer to gamers. For example, Yoodo has launched a 20GB game-dedicated data add-on, which is completely free. Of course, this campaign hasn’t gone unnoticed, and the company’s sales soared. On the other hand, gamers could enjoy gaming data for free and continue improving their gaming skills.

Malaysian eSports Facilities Development

The quality of facilities is another aspect of the Malaysian gaming market’s success. eSports has been skyrocketing over the past years, generating huge revenue. The number of professional players has increased, and the industry enjoys a steady growth in viewership. These trends attracted many investors, sponsors, and international companies that have recognized eSports’ commercial opportunities.

The Malaysian authorities have also spotted many potential benefits in this sector and invested in developing eSports facilities. Therefore, Malaysia now hosts one of the largest eSports facilities in Southeast Asia. eSports City is a 65,000-square-foot venue located in Kuala Lumpur.

This facility features a 1,000-seat eSports stadium, streaming rooms, a standalone casting area, recording studios, a production area for top-tier tournaments, and more. There’s also an eSports café equipped with gaming consoles, high-performance PCs, and racing simulators.

Hi-tech facilities like eSports City can additionally accelerate the gaming market growth. They can help many gamers in becoming professionals and host prestigious global tournaments. Thanks to eSports City and similar facilities, Malaysia will remain the Southeast Asian gaming hub.


The Malaysian gaming market has a bright future ahead. Gaming is no longer considered a waste of time; it is an industry that generates a lot of revenue for the country. Malaysia established itself as an important gaming center, and this industry attracts many international companies and investors. The authorities are also involved in establishing a sustainable ecosystem in the gaming market.

Technology has also played a significant role in the Malaysian gaming industry’s success. Internet and mobile devices have become more accessible to a wider population, therefore increasing the number of game consumers. Tech innovations have made gaming more convenient since you can enjoy it on the go without worrying about the internet connection and data speed.

New technology provided benefits for both casual gamers and professionals. Those who play games just for fun can enjoy them anytime and anywhere, while pro gamers have more opportunities to develop their skills and become more successful.


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