If you own a Google Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6 Pro, then you know that it has one annoying flaw. We’re not talking about the endless bugs, which now seem to have been fixed, but the most annoying fingerprint sensor which many users have found to be unreliable. However, the Google Pixel 6a might be our saviour!

The new smartphone is said to have a different fingerprint sensor from the main Pixel 6 models. This has just been confirmed by Rick Osterloh, the Senior VP for Devices and Services at Google while he was with Android Centra at Google IO 2022. However, Osterloh did not shed any light on whether the new Pixel 6a sensor will be any better or what the reason was for this change.

Smartphone technology has come a long way. From mere devices used to simply call and text whenever we are in need, smartphones are now our main source of information, entertainment, and so much more. Our smartphones are what keep us connected to the outside world, wherever we are in the world. Smartphones have evolved into smaller versions of our desktops on which we can do absolutely anything, from shopping, booking flight tickets, tracking our health, and even playing our favourite games at the best mobile casinos in the USA, such as BetMGM.

Technology is constantly improving to make smartphone life better and easier for customers. That is why this change in the sensor is no surprise since companies are constantly trying to improve their service to mobile users. There might be two reasons why this Google Pixel 6a is happening. The first reason could be due to the complaints that the Google Pixel 6’s sensor received which suggest that the new sensor will be better. The second reason could be a cost-cutting measure since the Google Pixel 6a will be a cheaper phone. If it is the latter, the sensor might be even worse!

We cannot pinpoint which of these reasons is true at this point. However, we’re hoping for the former for our sakes and for Google’s too!

While not everyone hates the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, most people do. Some users go as far as saying that it is barely functional while others deem it to be annoying and frustrating.

Google has tried its best to improve the sensor through software updates, but the complaints continued, suggesting that the issue was hardware related. That is why it will probably take a whole new sensor to fix the problem. If we do not see a new sensor in the Google Pixel 6a, we’re hoping that we see it in Google Pixel 7!


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