Recent times have seen the world change rapidly. Advances in technology have made communication far easier, and possible from places spread across the globe. The entertainment business has boomed, with the different forms available boosting the enjoyment of people’s lives immeasurably.

What would have seemed unbelievable decades ago is now part of everyday life. The majority of people now own some mobile device, or indeed desktop computer, to which they can connect to the internet. This has opened a whole new world to them, and they have access to a massive range of ways in which to entertain themselves these days.

Streaming sites have made watching your favourite tv shows or movies straightforward. If you like to bet a trip to a casino online ensures you can play without even leaving your house if you like. Gaming fans are pleased as quite simply the amount of games being produced for players is staggering.

Can Playing Games be even more Rewarding?

In a world where the internet has exploded and ideas of work have become more diverse, are there opportunities to make money from gaming? Many people certainly love playing games as a pastime and the idea that it could become a career or a financially healthy sideline that they find interesting appeals to them. While it’s perhaps not as easy as some people wish, it’s certainly possible.

It requires a lot of hard work, and many, even those who love gaming, find themselves quitting over time. It takes a lot of patience and determination, and your love of gaming may be put to the test as you immerse yourself completely into the task at hand. The fun times of playing games may be over as it quickly becomes hard work.

So, what are some of the ways that gamers try to make money?

Test future game releases

How could you be so lucky? An avid gamer like yourself, who loves playing games getting the chance to play new games and get paid for it? There are many ways you could look into this as a job, be it testing on-demand, or testing internally at a particular development company.

Before games come on the market, it will be hoped they have been developed completely. Yet, it’s always helpful to have someone new to give the game a look over in case something has been missed. The developer will have areas they wish you to check and your job will be to report any issues.

Don’t expect to get rich from this job as the wages are only in keeping with the minimum wage. An internal position would certainly be better, as the games you test would be far more entertaining. The work can be repetitive, and could possibly kill your love of games quickly. Testing and retesting particular areas of the game can get dull, and fast.

Earn while you Play

Streaming platforms like Twitch, or even Youtube, have made it possible for gamers to showcase their talents to the world. If you are skilled enough to gain a strong fanbase, you may receive funds in the form of donations or even subscriptions to your channel. Ads can be utilized to make money from the people who watch your games in real-time.

This is maybe one of the easiest methods for gamers to take part in, but this does not guarantee that money will be made. Besides having a good spec computer, you will need to have proper streaming software installed. It’s important that your internet upload speed can cope with the stream, along with the game you’re playing.

Alongside this, you will need to be playing exciting games that catch people’s eyes. You have to be quite entertaining to keep them interested in continuing viewing which is vital. There are plenty of other gamers out there who may be more appealing than you are. Even if you do manage to set yourself apart, the number of viewers needed to earn substantial cash can be very hard to reach.

Make your own Guides

Gamers are no different when it comes to needing help or advice, especially newbies to particular games, or indeed the gaming world in general. It’s certainly possible to generate some cash by going into more detail about what people wish to know. Gamers appreciate people taking the time to create guides, which can delve into all aspects of the games.

These guides could come in the form of written guides on a website, video guides on Youtube, or release guides as ebooks. With an ebook, the sales will provide the income for you. With the online guides, donations will come into play again, and the use of advertising to raise funds cannot be overstated enough.

Decide on which game you are going to focus on, and discover what issues players are having. Research how these problems can be solved, and once it is clear, enjoy the sense of achievement and feel confident to pass on your knowledge to others.

However, the dilemma is of course anyone could do this. The most popular games will see you encounter fierce competition. You will have to ensure that your guide is set apart from others in the depth of coverage provided. It can involve a lot of time to reach that level of standard. Good skills in writing are also essential. While the reading may be heavy going, it must also be clear and understandable to readers.


While people may think that making money gaming online can be straightforward, the truth is it’s never as easy as it seems. Your love of video games or all things technological may not be enough to ensure you can pack in your day job any time soon. 

You may find your enjoyment of gaming disappearing quite quickly. Testing new games could speed up this process, although it can certainly bring in steady cash if you are happy with the work.

Perhaps earning from home while playing your games may appeal to you more. The possibilities are endless if you have the personality to keep your viewers on board. The more people watching the better as this boosts your chances of making cash.

Sharing your knowledge and experience in troubleshooting can make you a popular person. Going down the avenue of helping people struggling with their own gaming problems can earn you some money if you establish yourself as an expert in this field.


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