TEAMGROUP has announced the T-FORCE CARDEA A440 PCIe 4.0 SSD a couple of months back and it seems that it has attracted enough fan base to have another model created which is the T-FORCE CARDEA Z44Q.


Striking a completely similar design of using the aluminum + graphene combo for dissipating heat with high effectiveness but with different model numbers etched on the flat heatsink, the basic tradeoff here is its access speed is about 5000MBps reads and 4000MBps writes compared to the A440’s 7000MBps/6900MBps rating but the Z44Q’s capacity starts and ends at the double while being significantly cheaper. Nevertheless, it still runs the latest PCIe and NVMe standards while being backward compatible therefore the Z44Q is more about the price per GB value rather than mind-boggling fast speed.

The TEAGMROUP T-FORCE CARDEA Z44Q is currently priced at USD350 (~RM1,454.63) for 2TB and USD690 (~RM2,867.70) for 4TB.

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