TEAMGROUP has introduced the brand-new T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 external SSD meticulously crafted to meet the needs of professional photographers.

TEAMGROUP T CREATE CinemaPr P31 Portable External SSD 1

For starters, the CinemaPr P31 seamlessly integrates with professional cages for various devices such as cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones while boasting a patented design with 12 screw holes that are compatible with standard 1/4” screw hole cages and comes with a set-screws bundle.

Packing a USB Type-C interface, the SSD delivers a maximum transfer speed of 2,000 MB/s and is available in up to 4TB of storage capacity, which is capable of storing about 400 minutes of 8K RAW files.

TEAMGROUP T CREATE CinemaPr P31 Portable External SSD featured

Furthermore, the CinemaPr P31 features a graphene cooling technology alongside an IP67 water/dustproof rating, ensuring extra durability even in challenging environments. Another fun fact of the day is that the CinemaPr logo is inspired by pixels and consists of nine squares with a red square in the upper right corner that represents “REC.”


While there’s no pricing info on the T-CREATE CinemaPR P31 yet, TEAMGROUP has confirmed that it will be arriving sometime in mid-April 2024.


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