While we do not have DDR5 compatible consumer-grade motherboards and CPUs at the moment, several brands have already started to produce them and TEAMGROUP is the latest one to join in with the new ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 RAM kit.


The initial launch of the brand new memory is rated at the capacity of 16GBx2 so things wouldn’t go too crazy but other specifications are made to comply with those set by JEDEC which is 4800MHz 1.1V at CL40-40-40-77. In general, DDR5 will bring in around 50% more performance compared to DDR4 while consuming less power on top of a power management IC built-in for fine system load control. Effectively equipped with double the number of memory banks per RAM stick, the on-die ECC which is also part of the mandatory standards of DDR5 helps systems to correct errors directly through the DRAM itself, saving cost and space relatively. Therefore, TEAMGROUP slaps a price tag of USD399.99 (~RM1,658.82) to it to justify its feature-rich and high-performance results while stocks have started to ship across the globe in anticipation of the release of the latest platform.

As Intel’s upcoming 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs being announced to support DDR5 and cutting AMD to the chase, it is really exciting to see how will DDR5 tightening up system bottlenecks once more and provide more performance to the table.


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