Today TEAMGROUP joins forces with ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance and releases the co-branded RGB solid state drive and RGB Gaming overclocking memory. T-FORCE DELTA S TUF Gaming RGB solid state drive (12V) and T-FORCE DELTA TUF Gaming RGB overclocking memory are both certified and strictly tested by TUF Gaming Alliance. The appearance combines TUF military camouflage pattern and the soul of gaming element. Both SSD and memory are able to synchronize RGB lighting effects with motherboard through ASUS Aura software, providing consumers colorful, eye-catching equipment and an experience in high-speed performance.


The creative camouflage pattern of T-FORCE DELTA S TUF Gaming RGB solid state drive (12V) shows unique TUF co-branded gaming style. The magnificent and colorful RGB effects can be synchronized through ASUS Aura software, so consumers are able to create lighting effects freely with personal style. The read speed is up to 560MB per second which is 4 times faster than traditional hard drive. Maximum up to 1TB of capacity not only satisfies gamers’ requirements, but also provides a high-speed sensation after fully upgrading. Using 3D NAND flash memory chip makes it durable, shockproof and offers a solid and total protection for gamers when saving or loading data.


The main design theme of T-FORCE DELTA TUF Gaming RGB luminous overclocking memory is based on unique military style and geometric lines. The asymmetrical, minimalist design of the heat spreader presents a new stereoscopic art style. It has a premium black body with military camouflage pattern. Lighting effects or lighting synchronization can be controlled through ASUS Aura software. The 120°, full color, ultra-wide-angle force flowing lighting can be presented flawlessly. The embossed lines on the surface increase the heat dissipation area and enhance cooling of the memory module, so the quality of the operation can be finely stabilized, and allowing gamers to be invincible in the gaming world.

Learn more about the new T-FORCE DELTA RGB SSD and RGB DDR4 memory at the following links:


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