Team Razer has officially closed a deal with famous professional Esports brand Ninjas in Pyjamas in a multi-year contract.

Team Razer NIP 2

As for a team name that has spanned across the competitive gaming scene for more than 10 years in multiple games, their presence is most well-known in the CS: GO and R6 scene where they won the 2021 world championship of the latter title in May while signing Nicolai Reedtz from Astralis or “dev1ce” as you may know in his IGN. As such, Razer will be providing all the gears they need to stay on top of their performance and continue to grow personally and as a team whilst bringing more content and new products to the fans.

In addition to this, Razer also announced that there are will be NIP-branded gaming peripherals coming in the future so that fans of both brands can finally settle down with the one and only peripheral set they need.


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