Razer has announced that its esports brand Team Razer has signed a total of 4 League of Legends professional teams from the Asia Pacific region to continue ramping up the esports industry.

Team Razer League of Legends

Teams involved in the signing this time are Korea’s Hanwha Life Esports (HLE), China’s JD Gaming (JDG), and Edward Gaming (EDG) plus Legacy Esports from Oceania now being sponsored by the “triple head snake” company. As usual, Razer’s most premium gaming gears will be supplied to the pro teams while the pro athletes will involve in the testing of several upcoming peripherals to make sure they are field-tested and certified to be released in the best condition. Team Razer has also cut a deal with LPL tournament organizers so that they are able to stream LPL matches alongside promoting collaborated products of the region.

Not a surprise for Team Razer to go for the very best as HLE and EDG currently dominating in their respective scenes while JDG is aiming to pit against the leaders of the scoreboard through the addition of start players Su ‘Xiye’ Han-Wei and Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-jun. Legacy Esports continues to roll through the Oceanic Pro League without signs of stopping. Support for growing scenes such as Japan is still going on with teams such as Father’s Back, Yoshimoto Gaming, G-STAR, and individuals like Yunocy.

So when is Malaysia getting one? I mean other games are fine too especially since the mobile platform has huge potential as well.


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