Welcome back to Weekly Sun Cycle’s 12th installment for the 1st week of September 2021 where the distributor has announced mainly peripherals and one power unit which they will be bringing in soon.


Taking the first spot on the list is EVGA’s new Z12 wired gaming keyboard which in itself is an entry-level peripheral aimed towards those with a low budget but still wants something reliable from a reputable brand. While the keyboard is using EVGA’s own membrane key switch, it does carry the Cherry MX stem dimension which means that, if you want, you can replace the keycap with the plethora of available 3rd party offerings in the market. The main highlight of the device, however, focuses on the availability of hotkeys, IP5X spill resistance, and RGB backlighting for just a measly USD25 (referenced from EVGA’s US site).

Keychron Q1 QMK Keyboard

Sun Cycle is continuing the cycle (no pun intended) of bringing in Keychron’s Q1 QMK model that carries a 75% size profile with full customizability to not only the hardware but also supports for QMK and VIA where each key is fully remappable through software configuration. Made to serve Mac users primarily, Windows users can also enjoy this board for both the build quality and overall typing experience, fully tailored according to a user’s preference.

Nitro Concepts Black X1000

Seeking a new gaming chair? Then take a look at the Black X1000 from Nitro Concepts, made with a durable and solid steel frame to steadily support some of the heaviest users out there. Additionally, the use of high-quality fabrics and precision stitching makes the Black X1000 to be comfortable from both sitting and lying upon the backrest.


Lastly, EVGA’s BR series PSU, as you guessed it, carries the 80 PLUS BRONZE rating to ensure the most basic tier of efficiency even under heavy loads like gaming and rendering. As pricing is the main focus of this line of product, it is made to be non-modular, unfortunately, but still good enough for most basic rigs out there. Wattages are available in flavors of 450W, 500W, 600W, and 700W to serve a wide range of desktop PCs out there.


As you can see that the pricing tag has been missing. Yes, the products announced for this week are still yet to be finalized in terms of what price tag will they be carrying upon release. To get the latest news on them, Sun Cycle regularly updates its Facebook page when the items are ready for market so go give them a Like to stay updated.


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