Think the DualSense is revolutionary in bringing immersion to the next generation of console gaming? Sony’s latest patent is about to turn this around 180 degrees as it is about using literally anything as a controller, including a banana.

Sony Patent Banana

In the patent, Sony explains the concept of using a camera to track any given object by mapping its dimension supported by algorithms that identify the item’s overall shape and color. The item then is able to function as a controller by having virtual buttons created through AR technology that may or may not require a VR equipment to be viewed. To pause a game, simply have the item get out of the camera’s sight to initiate a disconnection-like state. While the patent is planned to allow any items to be a controller, the sample item just happens to be a banana which is quite funny and out of the box honestly.

sony patent vr controller

It also comes with a draft that looks like a new VR handset but it is unconfirmed at the moment.

Comparing it to the Microsoft Kinect, it could be based on similar technology for the fundamentals which is creating key points of an object within a three-dimensional space but with the integration of Artificial Intelligence, lots of things can be made into AR and VR playfield. Perhaps the virtual buttons can be placed anywhere or recommended by the algorithm thanks to the training with images of human hands holding controllers? We don’t know at the moment but it is really Sony’s choice to go to town with this patent. Whereas for Nintendo who is famous for changing the input method every single generation of devices, I want to see a Nintendo brand treadmill for the next sports game that involves running.

You can take a look at the digital copy of the patent right here if you are more of a technical guy.



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