3 weeks ago, Sony live-streamed a pre-recorded press release where lots of technical aspects are presented by lead architect Mark Cerny who highlights the increased performance contrasting both PS4 and PS5. Even though netizens around the world joked about the press release being an “SSD Product Teaser” due to not even a single photo of retail PS5 was revealed and a heavy emphasize on SSD performance, Sony plays around the hotness and hype of topic relatively well, as they have revealed the controller for PS5 named the “DualSense”.

No more shock but more sense

DualSense for PS5

The DualShock 4 is arguably one of the best controllers you can get on the market. Not only usable on PS4 itself, but the PC platform also gets tons of support from the community building drivers to support all the functions available within the device. Heck, even Steam supports Plug-and-Play and changing the LightBar color is just a scroll away. This shows how much love and support it has gathered around the years and Sony isn’t going to let players down either as the DualSense is built upon the basics of DualShock 4.

For starters, the striking Black and White dual-tone design already speaks itself of what it is trying to do. With the analog sticks, shoulder, and trigger buttons painted black the focus here is the sense of touch. The trigger buttons are fitted with adaptive actuators that could tighten or loosen according to the game such as “Feeling the tense of drawing the bow when aiming” described by Sony. Haptic feedback is further improved to give better immersion and we assumed that to refer finer tuning of rumble vibration to match the scenes such as only the right side vibrates heavily if a car is crashed from the right side.

The DualSense also repurposed the existing Share button as Create now. While Sony has not revealed anything new in this aspect, they promised lots of new ways to create and share through this function which will be announced in the future.

Aside from the built-in speaker succeeded from the DualShock 4, it will also come with a microphone array that solves the problem a lot of gamers faced in which their headphones don’t have a microphone. With DualSense, online gaming will be convenient than ever. Just hop into your squad’s session and start chatting.

One of the more appreciated aesthetic design changes is they moved the Lightbar to the front face of the controller, just beneath and around the TouchPad. Not only it better displays status such as health level at an angle which players can immediately check, but it also looks better in my opinion and I hope it supports full-spectrum RGB mode as well, not because PS5 might use it, but for us PC gamers where there is always room for RGB.

Meanwhile analyzing the name Dualsense and aside from the sense of touch, the sense of sound could also be the focal point for the controller. According to the live stream, the PS5 will incorporate the exclusive Tempest 3D sound system that promises to calibrate each player’s range of hearing to fully immerse them in the world of digital gaming. Since the technology could be revolutionary, if the DualSense gets to be part of the output of Tempest 3D, it will amaze the industry of audio and hardware and possibly propel other technology to follow suit as well such as future Bravia TVs supporting Tempest 3D natively.

The PS5 is slated for release during the holiday season of 2020 and while you are saving up for getting one, don’t forget a good display is also needed to enjoy all those juicy colors and pixels too.


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