Samsung Malaysia has announced the eventual arrival of the Odyssey Ark gaming monitor. You know, the super large display people have been putting it in a vertical orientation to showcase how big it is around the Internet recently.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 1

The Odyssey Ark, or known as the Odyssey G97, is a crazy 55-inch curved display aimed to take PC gaming to the next level. Rocking a 1000-R curvature at this size, it is the world’s 1st monitor to do so, and armed with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, your games will literally become something else majestic just by playing with this monitor. For the HDR-philes, the Quantum Mini-LED backlight is capable of reaching the standards of Quantum HDR2000 with ease. Additionally, the Sound Dome technology and a rotatable feature named Cockpit Mode make this premium gaming display more deservedly as it claimed to be.

So if you really have the free money to spend on one of the most quirky gaming monitors to date that will surely refresh your take on PC desktop gaming, then you may now preorder the Odyssey Ark at the price of RM13,999 and to thank you for the generous purchase, Samsung Malaysia will be throwing in a free The Freestyle smart projector worth RM4,999.

The deal is only available starting today and until September 18 so move fast and secure all the fundings you need to acquire this behemoth display.

Click here to reach the preorder page directly.


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