Despite DDR5 hasn’t fully succeeded in DDR4’s position as the most mainstream DRAM technology in the current day, the 17-year-old DDR3 is allegedly getting cut off at least from recent movements by major industry players Samsung and SK Hynix.

Samsung DDR3

According to Tom’s Hardware citing IT Home‘s report, 2H 2024 will be the beginning of the end as the two Korean giants are slated to stop production of DDR3 because of how sweet the HBM3 pot of gold in the era of AI.

Although DDR3 is practically dirt cheap nowadays resulting in little to no tangible profits for big companies, consumers are still going to accept “good deals” if the requirements are low enough, like Wi-Fi routers, switches, low-power IoT devices, etc.

But thanks to the AI boom as the major factor followed several others like political influences and overall lowered purchase power, it is kind of expected to see old technologies just get swiftly cut off to increase profits through raising production volume and speed to fulfill that unbeatable demand.

However, it might be funny to see that reduced DDR3 leads to scarcity-based price increases though but I guess it may last until the point that there are literally little to no benefits in implementing DDR3 in any product and in any way, shape, or form.


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