Samsung has unveiled the latest addition to its high-end NVMe drive lineup: the 4TB 990 PRO.

Samsung 4TB 990 PRO SSD 1

Although a recurring product albeit with a bigger capacity this time around, the 990 PRO is still a beast on its own thanks to the read speeds of up to 7450MBps and write speeds of 6900MBps alongside superior random IOPS and sustained performance.

With its expanded storage capacity, users can effortlessly handle large individual files, such as 4K video footage and video games, without encountering any performance issues. The Total Bytes Written (TBW) rating is an impressive 2,400TB, ensuring the drive’s longevity before needing replacement.

Samsung has intentionally designed this drive to accommodate single-sided NAND flash chips, resulting in a thinner form factor that can easily fit into ultrabooks and gaming consoles like the PS5. Concerned about thermal throttling? There’s a sub-SKU available with a built-in heatsink to address those worries.

As always, Samsung provides its user-friendly Magician software, allowing you to maintain the drive’s firmware, monitor its health, and optimize power and performance.


The Samsung 4TB 990 PRO will be reaching Malaysian shores as early as November while the 1TB and 2TB are currently available for purchase across all sorts of retailer and online shopping platforms.


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