Cryptocurrency is among the hottest investment assets today. The crypto’s soaring value per unit is among the top reasons for crypto investing and trading. While crypto investing has multiple rewards, a first-timer must learn more about crypto tokens to make informed trading and investing choices. Discussed below is what you need to know before buying your first cryptocurrency.

1.   Evaluate the crypto

Evaluating crypto enables first-time buyers to invest with improved confidence. All cryptos worth investing in must have a website. The cryptocurrency’s site should be easy to use and up-to-date. It should define the coin’s objective clearly and offer a white paper. A cryptocurrency whitepaper is a key tool for analyzing a token because it acts as the project’s proposal backbone. It outlines the crypto’s usage strategies and goals, so be sure to read it before allotting funds to the project.

A cryptocurrency’s success relies on its team members. Checking the project’s site and whitepaper can help you find the key members and founders, inducing more trust in the community. You should also consider a cryptocurrency’s price history to get a comprehensive understanding of the short-term and long-term price trends. Consider how the rates to convert BTC to USD have fluctuated over time and avoid tokens with exaggerated highs accompanied by sudden drops because this could be a sign of a rug-pull scam.

2.   Learn how to invest in cryptocurrency

Before investing in crypto, learning more about virtual coins before buying is essential. To get started with crypto investing, consider:

  • Selecting the crypto to invest in: Considering the many cryptos available today, understanding each, and carefully assessing their varying and unique features can help you pick the right coin. Analyze each token’s risk exposure to pick a cryptocurrency that’s likely to help you earn a profit
  • Picking a crypto exchange: Crypto should be purchased via an exchange. When looking for an appropriate exchange, consider the exchange’s security, trading volume, fees, crypto types available for purchase on a specific exchange, and the least investment requirements
  • Assessing storage and digital wallet alternatives: Since crypto is fully digital, you require a digital space to keep your tokens. You can store your crypto with an investment platform for your assets’ safekeeping and custody. The best storage platform should be well-safeguarded against cyber threats and hacking and regulated
  • Decide on the amount to invest: How much you invest in crypto is influenced by your budget, investing strategy, and risk tolerance. You should also consider transaction costs and the number of tokens you intend to buy. Find ways to manage your crypto investment for long-term success

3.   Avoid investing more you’re willing to lose

Cryptocurrencies are riskier than most other investments because nothing besides volatility is guaranteed. Additionally, crypto assets are highly speculative and unregulated. Like any other investment market, scams and frauds in the crypto market are common. As a first-time crypto buyer, these risks may result in losing your investment. As such, you should only invest what you can comfortably lose without compromising your financial health.

4.   Don’t get carried away by fear of missing out (FOMO)

Investing in cryptocurrency due to FOMO increases the risk of losing the wealth you’ve accumulated over time. Research first to know what you’re purchasing plus the investment risks involved. Avoid getting carried away by peer pressure.


Investing in crypto as a beginner isn’t easy. Nevertheless, learning everything you need to know before buying your first crypto can help.


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