After a huge success of the Razer Invitational Season 2020 last year, the tournament is returning this year but with a slight twist by hosting them regionally.

Razer Invitational 2021 North America

Starting with the North America region, the competition will see top players and teams across the region including the US, Canada, and Mexico to compete in high-level competitive titles spawning across different titles and platforms such as Rainbow 6 Siege for PC, Brawl Stars on the mobile side, and Fornite supporting all 3 of Console, Mobile, and PC. With up to USD30,000 up for grabs plus gaming hardware from Razer, the tournament will run for 3 weeks long throughout mid-May and into early June.

While the NA region will be taking the first slice of the pie, other regions will surely get to join the fun as well in the foreseeable future as the tournament is aimed to gather all sorts of gamers – be it an unknown casual or a famous pro player – everyone has an equal chance of joining and possibly win it all as either an individual or as a team representing a club or organization. So if you are someone that likes to see epic reverse sweeps or upsets in tournaments, be sure to catch the live streams on either Razer’s Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook channels starting May 7.


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