Today, Razer has announced the new ultra-low friction Razer Acari gaming mousepad, designed for the smoothest mouse gliding, maximum speed, ultra-fast reaction times, and pixel-perfect accuracy. Now you’ll have one less thing to blame during your next FPS session.

Razer Acari Render

With a generous yet thin area of 420mm x 320mm x 1.95mm for you to work on, the surface is covered with a special UV activated nano-beads that provides the best in class pixel tracking performance with world-class static and dynamic friction coefficients. On top of that, it is also oleophobic which means that it is oil-resistant, further reducing the build-up of sweat and oil produced by skin and palm. All of these are secured onto a polycarbonate core for a textured rubber backing, to create a slick, smooth gliding surface with a base that is anti-slip as well.

Razer Acari

The Razer Acari gaming mousepad is priced at RM309 and will reach Malaysia shores during early September so stay tuned for local retailers and online platforms to start offering them.

For more information on the new Razer Acari, pay a visit to the product page and consider picking one up if it suits your play style.


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