We’ve come across the noblechairs, a brand of high-end gaming chairs designed in Germany during our visit to BitFenix booth at Computex 2016. The noblechairs, as described on its website:

“The majestic swivel chairs by noblechairs belong to the high aristocracy of all gaming or racing chairs. Their chic design from Germany and the exclusive fabrication from valuable materials are instantly reminiscent of sumptuous interiors of magnificent premium automobiles from the luxury class. Production accordingly relies solely on pure machine manufacturing, since highly precise industrial robots permanently operate without flaws and ensure an invariably impeccable build quality.

In addition to the fully automated manufacturing processes, the elegant noblechairs also have the perfectly conceived selection of materials in common with modern car production. The peerless comfort of these thrones for home or office use, that, along with the flexible adjustment options, caters for comfy relaxation and protects the back dependably from incorrect sitting postures, can only thus be guaranteed at the highest level. These German-designed chairs transform sitting into a truly hedonistic pleasure!” – source, noblenhairs

According to a reliable source, it appears that the brand has confirmed to enters Malaysia very soon but without an exact date nor the party who will be distributing the products for the brand.


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