Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia), the national postal and parcel service provider, takes a significant step towards employee wellness with the launch of its FIT program. This comprehensive initiative, delivered through the company’s existing Kyzense mobile platform, prioritizes the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its 14,000-strong workforce.

Investing in Employee Well-being

Pos Malaysia Group CEO, Charles Brewer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to its employees. “Highly motivated and engaged staff are crucial to our transformation strategy,” he states. “FIT provides an ‘always-on’ support system,allowing employees to connect with healthcare professionals and coaches directly through the Kyzense app. This ensures 24/7 access to impactful assistance, right at their fingertips.”

Beyond Sickcare: Proactive and Preventive

Brewer further highlights Pos Malaysia’s dedication to fostering a healthy and supportive work environment. He believes this investment in employee well-being will yield tangible benefits, including increased productivity, improved financial performance, lower staff turnover, and fewer safety incidents.

Partnering for a Holistic Approach

The FIT program is a collaboration between Pos Malaysia and Naluri, a leading Southeast Asian digital health and wellbeing company. Azran Osman-Rani, Naluri’s CEO and Co-Founder, expressed his honor at partnering with Pos Malaysia. “We’re integrating Naluri’s predictive and preventive features into Kyzense,” he explains, “transforming traditional healthcare from reactive ‘sickcare’ to a proactive approach that keeps employees healthy and engaged.”

Addressing National Health Concerns

The program addresses a critical national health concern. Reports indicate nearly half of Malaysia’s workforce is overweight or obese, and 40% are at risk of mental health issues.

Empowering Employees, Optimizing Health

FIT provides a holistic approach to employee wellness. It offers:

  • 24/7 Support: Secure and confidential consultations with mental health professionals via chat, WhatsApp, or phone.
  • Personalized Care Plans: Through AI, FIT tailors plans to individual needs, facilitating early detection of health risks and providing relevant support.
  • Multidisciplinary Coaching: FIT connects employees with psychologists, dietitians, and fitness experts within the app.
  • Educational Resources: A library of modules, videos, and webinars assists in making informed health decisions.

Building a Supportive Culture

By prioritizing employee well-being, Pos Malaysia cultivates a supportive and health-focused work environment. This benefits both employees and the company overall. The program aligns with Pos Malaysia’s commitment to nurturing a continuous improvement culture, ensuring all personnel have the resources to thrive both personally and professionally.


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