If you’re a speedfreak for SSD, you’ll be sure to notice Plextor made SSD topped the performance ranking most of the time and it’s one of the most reliable brand of SSD among all the SSD in the market. We’ve dropped by at Plextor’s booth during our visit to Computex 2015 at Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan this year to check out for what Plextor has for the end users this year. 

Other than SSD for home users, Plextor produces industrial grade SSD for the business users as well.
Picture above shows the industrial grade  M.2 SSD G7Ge and industrial grade half-slim SATA SSD the G7Le that is able to operate under temperature of 0°C~70°C and humidity of 5%~95% where normal SSD would have malfunctioned under such condition.  
Industrial grade 2.5″ SATA SSD too (G7Le, G6 Advanced and G9 Advanced) is able to operate under temperature of 40°C~85°C and humidity of 5%~95%. While industrial grade SSD will definitely costs a lot more compared to those made for home users, business users who seeks for a durable and reliable SSD for their business will find these industrial grade SSD something worthy to spend their money on.
Here’s something that’s more friendly for the PC enthusiasts, Plextor’s latest offering for its PCIE SSD lineup, the Plextor M7e PCIE SSD. Unlike the M6e Black Edition PCIE SSD that we’ve previously reviewed, the M7e that is on display appears to have some lighting elements added to its backplate for that extra aesthetics.  
PlexVault, PlexTurbo 3 and PlexCompressor will be the software that will be bundled altogether with the M7e PCIE SSD, but what interests us the most is nothing other than the PlexVault. This little piece of software allows you to create hidden partition(s) on the SSD that will only reveal itself when the designated hotkey is pressed – Plextor claims that the hidden partition will never showed up in any other 3rd party disk management tool nor there’s a way to hard recover it. 
This allows users to have better privacy on a shared computer in case if you have some highly confidential data that is to known only by yourself. While the software allows you to create multiple hidden partition for multiple users, in the event of forgetting the combination to summon the partition, there will be no way to recover the content, not even from Plextor themselves!

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