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It’s been quite a while since its first debut during Computex 2016 and the waiting game has come to its end, as we managed to get our hands on the actual unit of the Plextor EX1 portable SSD here at Tech Critter’s lab – mega thanks to Plextor for the provision of the review unit!

As Plextor has yet to disclose its MSRP, let’s have our focus on what kind of performance we can expect from the Plextor EX1 – so, read on!  

Sequential Read Speed**
Up to 550
Sequential Write Speed**
Up to 500
Form Factor
Portable SSD
USB Type C compatible with USB 3.1(Gen 2, 10Gbps), 3.0,
Power Connector
USB Type C connector for DC 5V input
Data Connector
USB Type C connector
Dimension (L x W x H)
101.2 x 31.6 x 8.7 mm / 3.98 x 1.24 x 0.34 inch
30g / 1.06oz (Max.)
Gold, Ti-Silver
Environment and Reliability
DC Requirement
> 1,500,000 hours
Operating System Supported
Windows OS / Mac OS / Linux OS / Android OS
Agency Approval
Command Set Support
Highline Features
LDPC, PlexNitro
Package Contents
Quick Installation Guide
USB 3.1 Type C to Type A Cable, Flannel Bag
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 62Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 63
The Plextor EX1 ships in a simple but elegant box, with the picture of the actual product portrayed at the front of the box and its specifications listed at the back of the box.
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 64
The accessories that comes with the Plextor EX1 includes a carry pouch, USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable and a user’s guide.
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 65Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 66
The Plextor EX1 comes in a very compact form factor of 101.2mm x 31.6mm x 8.7mm that can easily fit inside your pocket, capacity of 128GB and up to 512GB, and gold / titanium-silver color variant. 
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 67
The Plextor EX1 comes with a USB 3.1 Type-C reversible connector which boasts to take advantage of both the convenience and the high transfer rate of this interface.
Synthetic Benchmark
We’ve ran a series of commonly used synthetic benchmark software to see if the Plextor EX1 is capable of what’s stated in its specs sheet. The test is conducted using both USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 connector so that we’re able to identify the difference in performance between both interfaces.
ATTO Disk Benchmark
The most frequently used benchmarking utility by many manufacturers for performance specification. As ATTO Disk Benchmark uses compressible data rather than compressible data, it results in higher benchmark scores. We’ve run the benchmark with transfer size ranged from 0.5KB to 8192KB and a total length of the test to be 256MB.
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 68Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 69
(Left: USB 3.0, Right: USB 3.1)
AS SSD Benchmark
Widely used SSD benchmarking utility that uses incompressible data to simulate the worst possible scenario for an SSD and thus giving a much lower sequential read and write speed result than what has been stated by the manufacturer as a result of the heavy workload. 
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 70Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 71
(Left: USB 3.0, Right: USB 3.1)
Developed by a Japanese coder that goes by the nickname Hiyohiyo, CrystalDiskMark is one of the most frequent used SSD Benchmark utility to measure SSD’s read and write performance. 
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 72Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 73
USB 3.0
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 74Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 75
USB 3.1 

Anvil’s  Storage Utilities
By far the most complete SSD Benchmark utility available. The Anvil’s Storage Utilities not only comes with the standard SSD Benchmark function, it also includes other functions such as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests and option to configure the compressibility of the test data.
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 76
USB 3.0
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 77
USB 3.1 
Real World Performance Test: File Transfer Test
For real life performance test, we’ve conducted a quick and simple file transfer test with the same method as the synthetic benchmark above, using both USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 connector so that we’re able to identify the difference in performance between both interfaces.
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 78Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 79
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 80Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 81

We’ve copied the Overwatch game folder between our main drive, an Intel 520 series 240GB SSD and the Plextor EX1 under USB 3.0 interface.The peak speed achieved is around 320 MB/s for both copying task, but the noticeable difference is the average transfer speed which appears to be faster when the game folder is copied from the Plextor EX1 to the main drive. 
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 82Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 83
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 84Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 85
As we move with USB 3.1 interface, we can see the similar pattern in peaks speed and average speed for the same copying task. While the task ended earlier by an average of 2 seconds for USB 3.1 interface, the difference in performance is barely noticeable if you’re not the kind of user who get their stopwatch ready for each file transfer.

Real World Performance Test: Launching GamesPlextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 86Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 87

To put the reading performance to the test, we have our copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Watch Dogs copied to the Plextor EX1, followed by executing the game from the drive. 
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 88
Although the difference is barely noticeable, we can still notice that both titles loads slightly faster into the menu screen when the Plextor EX1 is connected to the USB 3.1 interface.
Other than not having the OTG data transfer cable included for the supported OTG feature, there’s just nothing else we can find on the downside of the Plextor EX1. Its compact yet solid design, good overall performance and a whopping 5-year limited warranty the Plextor EX1 makes a good travel companion that is worthy to recommend to those who is looking for an alternative for traditional portable hard drive.  

  • Compact and solid build
  • Very fast transfer speed
  • Supports Android devices via OTG
  • 5-year limited warranty from Plextor

  • Data transfer cable for OTG has to be purchased separately
Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 89 Plextor EX1 Portable SSD Review 90

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