Apple’s latest MacBooks, which use the company’s own M1 and M2 processors, offer greater battery life than prior Intel-based models, but there are still some simple methods to extend the life of your MacBook.

In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your smartphone’s battery, such as tweaking power settings, removing unnecessary applications, and properly venting your device.

Useful Tips to Make MacBook Batteries Last Longer

Maximizing battery life on your MacBook Pro or Air is critical for being productive. Implementing these simple steps will surely increase the service life of your Mac’s battery.

1. Check your MacBook’s battery health

Whether you buy a refurbished MacBook or have been trying to get the most out of your old MacBook, it’s a good idea to check your battery’s general condition. MacOS has a program that tells you its theoretical capacity and if it needs to be replaced.

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2. Turn off Bluetooth

When you leave your workstation, you’re unlikely to bring a Bluetooth mouse or speaker. Bluetooth is useless without something to connect to. I recommend turning off the radio to save battery life. Simply click the Control Center icon on the menu bar, choose Bluetooth, and move the switch to the Off position.

3. Quit applications you’re no longer using

It is recommended that applications be closed when you have finished using them. This can be accomplished by simultaneously hitting the Command and Q keys or clicking the application name in the menu bar and selecting the Quit option. Launch the Activity Monitor and select the Energy tab or the Battery symbol from the menu bar to view how much energy each of your active programs consumes.

4. Disconnect accessories

As with Bluetooth, disconnect a USB-connected device (such as a flash drive) when not in use to avoid battery depletion. If the power cord is not attached, charging your smartphone via the USB connection may deplete your battery.

5. Keep current with software updates

Keeping MacOS up to date can help you get the most out of your battery. To discover if an update is available for your MacBook, navigate to System Preferences > Software Update. While you’re there, choose “Automatically keep my Mac up to date,” then click the Advanced option to look for updates, download them, and install them automatically.

Battery Replacement Options for MacBook Air

For extra information, you can see the precise number of charge and discharge cycles your Mac’s battery has undergone:

  • Click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Hold down the Option key and then choose the System Information item that displays.
  • On the left sidebar, choose Power, then scroll down to Health Information and select Cycle Count.

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Most recent MacBook batteries have an estimated life of 1,000 charge cycles, after which Apple recommends searching for MacBook Air replacement battery services.

Even if your battery cycle statistics appear good, you may have observed that your battery life has recently deteriorated and decided it is time to replace it. Use your judgment to determine whether the expense is worthwhile. First, make sure you’ve followed the advice to enhance battery life on your MacBook, and then consider hardware replacement if those don’t work.

Replace MacBook battery via warranty

If your Mac is under warranty, Apple will replace a damaged or severely deteriorated battery free of charge. In the United States, Apple offers a limited one-year warranty. Consumer legislation extends this coverage to two years for those in the EU.

Those still protected should contact Apple immediately if they have any battery concerns. You can verify your warranty status on Apple’s Check Coverage website by entering your machine’s serial number. To get your serial number, click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select About This Mac.

Pay for battery replacement

Apple recommends replacing your MacBook battery at a first- or third-party authorized service center. This is typically the most costly choice but also the most secure. The technique is less likely to go wrong, and Apple offers a 90-day warranty on every repair completed.

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook battery, assuming it is not covered by warranty or consumer law? A typical MacBook battery replacement costs $159 for a MacBook Air and $249 for a MacBook Pro. If you need to send your gadget, you will incur additional expenses.

Replace the battery at the dedicated service

You will most likely save money by not having an Apple-certified technician execute the repairs. Other companies can also employ inferior parts to save money, which makes them more likely to fail early.

To save money, you can hire a third-party computer repair firm to replace the MacBook battery. Many service centers, even if not Apple-affiliated, can purchase and replace your battery. However, the precise cost of replacing your MacBook’s battery in this manner may differ depending on who you contact.


Even if your MacBook is still running strong, you may need to replace the battery after a few years if you want to use it for extended periods without charging. However, if your MacBook is still under warranty, Apple will be free to replace any damaged or deteriorated batteries. If not, you may pay for an Apple battery replacement, visit a third-party repair shop, or change the battery yourself.


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