NVIDIA has announced a fixed date of when you get to acquire an RTX 3000 series GPU powered laptop in 2021.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop

According to them, laptops equipped with these RTX 3000 series mobile GPUs will launch starting January 26 and enable gamers around the world to gain access to next-generation graphical prowess within a portable form factor. Also, NVIDIA listed out a couple of reference prices for laptops ranging from mid to high tier gaming.

  • RTX 3060: Starts at USD$999 (~RM4040.46)
  • RTX 3070: Starts at USD$1,299 (~RM5253.81)
  • RTX 3080: Starts at USD$1,999 (~RM8084.96)

Gamers can expect the following features incorporated into the systems delivered by 3rd gen Max-Q technology.

  • Dynamic Boost 2.0: AI network smartly adjust the power consumption of CPU and GPU depending on the games being played prioritizing CPU clocks or GPU computing power
  • Whisper Mode 2.0: Essentially a silent mode, the software will set a threshold for CPU and GPU temperature to prevent the laptop fans from overworking, causing loud noises
  • Resizable BAR: Removes the limit of how fast CPU can access GPU’s memory at once, similar to AMD’s Smart Access Memory feature
  • NVIDIA DLSS: Utilizing RT Cores and AI supersampling technique to retain high resolution and graphical details with minimal performance impact

Other existing features such as NVIDIA Broadcast and Reflex can all be found in these new 2021 gaming laptops.

For gamers who move around a lot or unable to commit to a full desktop rig, this is great news.

But frankly, it wasn’t what the desktop gangs are waiting for though. Desktop GPU stocks please, NVIDIA.


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