The 2 GPU giants of the world NVIDIA and AMD have released plugin support to both the Unity and Unreal Engine 4 for developers to start adopt the respective rendering technology of latest time.

Unreal Engine Unity

AMD moves slightly ahead of NVIDIA in terms of release date because they are supporting the beta of version 2021.2 for Unity and Unreal Engine v4.26 while NVIDIA is targeting the same patch for Unity and v4.27 for Unreal Engine which explains why they are a bit late. Needless to say, by including the strongest upscaling technology from both companies and with many popular titles created through Unity and Unreal Engine, developers, no matter small scale indies to world-class studios can now harness the power of DLSS/FSR to make their games more realistic and immersive while keeping the performance demand in check.

Here’s what the 2 brands have applied to the engines so far.

    • Unity: Native Support for DLSS
    • Unreal Engine 4: Added experimental feature Eye-Tracked Foveated Rendering that renders a single image at varying resolutions, sharpening the point of focus, while blurring other parts, to mimic human eyesight
  • AMD
    • Unity: FSR enabled with beta branch 2021.2 HDRP
    • Unreal Engine 4: Native FSR support for v4.26 via patching

AMD also announced that Resident Evil Village and Edge of Eternity will be adding FSR into the graphical option for more fine-tuning space for gamers while Arcadegeddon and Necromunda: Hired Gun already received the respective updates a few days ago, in case you don’t know. Meanwhile for NVIDIA, the July Studio Driver which adds and optimizes all the things we’ve talked about, can be downloaded here.


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