Thailand’s latest supercomputer will be one of the strongest in the SEA region thanks to a whopping 704 units of NVIDIA’s superior chips.

Thailand New Supercomputer NVIDIA 2

As the new king of supercomputing performance within South East Asia region, the nationally-owned piece of hardware harnesses NVIDIA’s A100 Tensor Core GPUs is capable of running 30 times faster than the TARA system to drive fellow research by engineers and data scientists across the country’s academic, government and industry sectors including the areas of pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and weather forecasting. Representing Team Green’s most powerful acceleration tool for speeding up data-intensive simulations and AI-related neural processing, the new supercomputer is expected to go into operation by the end of 2022 with tons of support provided through libraries, optimized models, applications, and software. Officials of Thailand have also expressed the willingness to discover breakthroughs and brand new applications of innovative solutions first made possible and feasible through simulations run by this new supercomputer.

Well, at least these GPUs aren’t snatched by scalpers. Anything for education purposes.


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