Another week, another NVIDIA DLSS news, and for today, Diablo IV fans will finally get the taste of absolute graphic fidelity among other things.

NVIDIA DLSS Diablo IV Outpost Infinity Siege and More

Just as the title says, Diablo IV’s Ray Tracing update is now live which adds RT to the Sanctuary map filled with lots of smudges, puddles, and mud which are now even better with all those real-life shadows and lights bounced off each other as well as the amount of spells bursting through the screen now properly illuminate the surroundings as well.

We also have the “popular genre conglomerate” Outpost: Infinity Siege launched with mixed reviews but hey, at least it has DLSS 3 + Frame Generation alongside DLSS Super Resolution and Reflex that delivers up to 3.3x performance uplift in 4K max settings. RTX 4090 users can expect to hit over 160FPS which is way above the premium gold standard of 4K144FPS target line.

As for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition which was just released last week, it also comes with the basic suite of DLSS 3 Frame Generation, DLSS 2 Super Resolution, DLAA, and Reflex. With the best hardware, one can enjoy as much as 180FPS at 4K max settings when all the necessary RTX switches are flicked on.

Lastly, Alone in the Dark and Lightyear Frontier both get DLSS 2 Super Resolution with the latter having DLAA added on.


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