Eager fans can now rest well because Noctua reveals the anticipated NF-A12x25, NH-U12A, NA-HC7, and NA-HC8 for the brand’s full-black chromax lineup.

Noctua chromax NF A12x25 fan NH U12A cooler and heatsink covers 1

Staying fully authentic to the original versions while losing the signature brownish color palette in favor of the stealthy dark look, the flagship NF-A12x25 has already been praised by many as one of the best if not the best 120mm fans that is both quiet and powerful in the premium market and since black goes well with anything, the bundle of the chromax NF-A12x25 will feature swappable anti-vibration pads of a variety of colors of red, white, blue, green, grey, yellow and black to give u the most flexible choice when building your rig. For the cooler, the NH-U12A has already been made clear that it will support Intel’s upcoming LGA1700 platform so don’t you worry about upgrade paths in the next couple of years since it uses the same asymmetrical single-tower heatsink design and what do you know, the same NF-A12x25 PWM fans for excellent cooling and clearance for the entire PC including RAM, PCIe and more. Along with these 2 “recolored” products, Noctua also launched a couple of new heatsink covers which are the NA-HC7 chromax.black.swap for swappable inlay colors or the flat black/white NA-HC8  dedicated to the NH-U12A cooler.

Pricing and Availability

Noctua’s Amazon page has listed these new chromax products at the following price with global partners getting stocks in the near future.


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