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As the leading brand of the gaming industry, MSI notebook is always ahead of others in meeting gamers’ needs by introducing the most up-to-date solutions for extreme gamers. MSI has built deep relationships with the VIVE team of HTC Corporation for quite a long time and determines to deliver and promote the best VR experience on the mobile platform. MSI VR One, the Lightest Futuristic VR Backpack,is now available in US, Europe, Japan, Australia, China and Taiwan, and will come into Malaysia before Christmas this year.
MSI VR One is the world’s lightest (Under3.6 kg) and thinnest (54 mm) backpack PC system compacted with same specifications products. It creates the user’s freedom of movement by eliminating PC and monitor cables getting in the way.The magnificent backpack comes with two battery packs and is able to provide 1.5 hours of full speed game play with highest performance all the time. Powered by a MSI factory overclocked 6th Generation Intel®Core™ i7 processor and GeForce® GTX 10 series graphics card, MSI VR One can deliver full gaming performance with a noise of less than 40dBA when in VR games experience.The back mount design could keep user’s back cool and feel no temperature from VR One.

MSI VR One - The Most Powerful Backpack PC is now on the Market 3

Higher Overclocked performance with the Intel® Core™ i7 6820HK processor 
“The performance of the Intel Core i7 6820HK processor makes advanced VR possible in this innovative, mobile form factor. Intel is excited to see the MSI VR One backpack in the market after our support and collaboration with MSI through the development cycle,” said Chris Walker,Vice President of the Client Computing Group and General Manager of Mobility Client Platform Group at Intel Corporation.
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Applications for gaming and beyond innovative creation
With the growing importance and applicability of VR in the business world, MSI VR One is the ultimate solution for creating new opportunities for B2B and B2C. Entering the house before its construction completed, experiencing test drive, seeing merchandise before purchasing as well as other types of convenience will always be appreciated by potential and actual clients.
Teaching history or sharing an imaginary world is another great potential for VR. VR Gaming is indeed an incredible experience becoming tempting for more and more people. MSI VR One will bring new opportunities since it can be used for large-room scale and in a multiplayer mode. 
Both content creators and game developers will enjoy working with MSI VR One thanks to its mobility and high performance. VR One designed with dual band Killer AC WiFi connection to create remote control when demo VR content for users, it will easily to show what users are looking or playing for on the big screen at same time.
MSI VR One - The Most Powerful Backpack PC is now on the Market 7
The lightest and highest mobility solution of Desktop replacement
When removing both batteries and using it as a stand alone PC system, MSI VR One is even lighter and more compact than some of high performance gaming notebooks. Moreover, it easily substitutes traditional desktop.One of the stunning abilities this super gear possesses is running a surround mode on three external 4K 60Hz monitors. Expanding visual horizons will provide the user with additional benefits and joy.
VR One comes with HDMI port, Mini DisplayPort, ultra-fast Thunderbolt™3 port for transfer speeds up to 40Gbps and multi display output, and four USB 3.0 ports, which support stable 90FPS running with highest-level VR gears. 1 extra DC Out power connector for HTC VIVE Optimized design. Mic-In and Headset output included at same side.VR Oneis not only ready for different business usage but also flexible for gamers and users to make it as a PC replacement platform.

MSI VR One - The Most Powerful Backpack PC is now on the Market 9
The Optimized Cables and accessories for all VR Gearsand1 click VR Key
Besides of the hardware design, VR One will bundle with 90cm of HDMI, USB3.0 cables, also 1 12V cable optimized for HTC VIVE HMD, make sure users could have best user experience. MSI will have an extra battery pack and external 4 port battery charger to make sure the 24/7 non-stop program test, VR world development, content creation or gaming experience, coming soon.
MSI VR One - The Most Powerful Backpack PC is now on the Market 11
“MSI Dragon Center” provides a total control of your VR platform with 1 Click VR key. Monitor the hardware status in details and manage unique MSI gaming features with your smartphone.Boost the performance and the fan speed to the extreme with MSI exclusive SHIFT Technology.
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