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The explosion of IOT industry has shaped the industry trend dramatically and will lead to a massive increase of market demand. According to market survey agency Gartner, IDC and Harbor Research, the IOT market revenue will increase 25% annually, and the market revenue potential will be 3 trillion in 2020 comparing with 1.1 trillion in 2014. However, the worldwide IOT devices will grow stably to 30 billion in 2020 since 2014 for 10 billion devices, and the annually device growth rate is 21 %. MSI is a leadership of gaming notebook and well known worldwide, meanwhile, to satisfy the strong IOT new market demand, MSI has involved in this market to offer new product value.

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PANOCAM, an elegant silver cylinder metallic design aspect with 360 degree fisheye camera and 1600×1600 resolution. This big advantage has aroused market attention comparing with IP camera equipped with 120-degree or 70-degree camera, which is the lowest economic expense IOT camera in the market not to overlook any corner with single one unit.
With internet connection of WiFi instead of cable line, end user would access it remotely, no matter where you are. Time-lapse video and real-time video are able to be scheduled. The app interface gives you video settings and playback at your fingertips.
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To help end-user connecting PANOCAM with smart device easier through App, somethings; the audio paring set-up assists end-user to set it up quickly. PANCOAM two-way communication and multi-sharing strengthen itself performance and reinforce end-user experience considerably. The built-in motion detection allows end user to monitor the environment change and will receive alarm message while an object passing by the camera. Sound detection further ensures the end user’s security that sending an alarm message automatically when the environment sound change is identified.
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The user interface of Somethings App. There are three categories for operating. The functionalities of Products page would be time-lapse recording and real-time monitoring. Setting page is related to end-user sharing and notification. Medial library is the storage of recording file.
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PANOCAM brings significantly impact on the society, which has created new business model and has changed human life behavior over the coming year gradually. For instance, to improve business entity performance, PANOCAM would help the shop manager to observe customer behavior, thus making real time decision accordingly; on the other hand, PANOCAM connects owner to monitor their assets without time and geographic limited. PANCOAM has pitched in the worldwide market channel, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Taiwan, Thailand and US. Obviously, this logical extension of internet to physical world will disrupt the status quo we live likewise the internet booming in 90s and even beyond. 

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