As we wait for the availability of AMD‘s 3rd gen Ryzen processors this coming July 7th, MSI has officially unveiled more details on its X570 chipset motherboard lineup today at their Indo-Pacific X570 partner convention in Bangkok, Thailand.

Back at Computex 2019, MSI showcased their new X570 motherboards lineup which covers different segments of the market – gamers, enthusiasts and content creators. Although the x570 boards present at the partner convention are basically the ones we’ve seen previously, there are still some of the information that is kept secret during that time due to the initial embargo by AMD.


MSI X570 Motherboard MEG X570 GODLIKE

The MEG X570 GODLIKE is the flagship motherboard in MSI’s X570 chipset motherboard lineup that comes in an E-ATX form factor. It features a 14+4+1 phase VRM design to meet the demand of enthusiasts who is into overclocking. It utilizes IR3599 phase doublers, IR35201 PWM controller and TDA21472 MOSFETs on its 14 phase power delivery to ensure clean and stable power can be supplied to the CPU for the best result in overclocking.

The board also features a 4 phase SOC design which according to MSI, enhances memory overclocking capabilities of the board beyond what a standard X570 chipset motherboard is capable of. MSI has proven this with their recent achievement, DDR4-5100 CL18-21-21-56 using a G.SKILL DDR4 memory that comes with an XMP profile of 4800MHz CL19-22-22-42.

Apart from its outstanding overclocking capabilities, the MEG X570 GODLIKE also features PCIe 4.0 support, three M.2 ports, M.2 Xpander-X expansion card, 10G Super LAN card, built-in Xtreme Audio DAC and more. Even if you’re not into extreme overclocking, you will still benefit from the bundled accessories and high-end features tailor-made to meet the demand of most gamers and enthusiasts.


MSI X570 Motherboard MEG X570 ACE

Taking a step down the GODLIKE, we have the MEG X570 ACE that offers very similar features but different design and form factor. For enthusiasts who don’t really need the extra features on the X570 GODLIKE, the X570 ACE will be a suitable alternative to go for.

Unlike the MEG X570 GODLIKE, the ACE comes in a slightly smaller ATX form factor and doesn’t come with an expansion card for M.2 SSD. Feature wise, its thermal solutions, connectivity, and audio features are pretty much similar to what you can get on the GODLIKE model. Despite having a lower phase count at 12+2+1, the MEG X570 ACE still features the same MOSFETs, PWM controller on its VRM and able to support at least DDR4-4400.


MSI X570 Motherboard X570 CREATION

The Prestige X570 CREATION can be considered as an enthusiasts grade board but with features that are more suitable for the content creators and prosumers. It’s pretty similar to the X570 GODLIKE, especially on the features and form factor.

It features an extended heat pipe and heatsink design to cool the VRM better, dual-sided thermal solution for M.2 SSD, three M.2 ports, M.2 Xpander-X expansion card, 10G Super LAN card, and PCIe 4.0 support. It’s pretty obvious that these features are specially tailored for creators who need speed for their creative work – both storage and network speed. MSI never specifically mention anything about the overclocking capability of the X570 CREATION even though it does come with a pretty decent 14+2+1 power phase design.


MSI X570 Motherboard MPG X570 Gaming Pro WIFI

Moving towards the performance gaming lineup, we have the MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi that is made for gamers who don’t need as many features as what is offered on the enthusiast-tier motherboards. Gamers get to enjoy the benefit of Wi-Fi 6 AX technology, support of PCIe 4.0, similar Frozr heatsink design to cool down the crucial components on the motherboard. If they have decided to overclock their system for better performance, decent overclocking performance can still be achieved on the X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi with its 10+2+1 power phase design – that includes DDR4-4533 on the memory as well.


MSI X570 Motherboard MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI

The MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi is a step down from the MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi for gamers that enjoys gaming and minimal tweaking to their system. You will still get a pretty decent cooling solution on this board, in which the design is pretty sufficient for its 8+2+1 power phase design. Memory overclocking wise, the MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi is capable of DDR-4400 as well, which is more than enough of what most gamers really need for their games.


MSI X570 Motherboard MPG X570 Gaming PLUS

Last but not least, we have the MPG X570 Gaming Plus that is targeted towards the gaming-only users who don’t mess with clocks and voltage of their system at all. The specifications are pretty close to the MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi, but the memory support will be at DDR4-3600 at most.


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