AMD has officially added a couple of new options to the Versal adaptive SoC portfolio in the form of the Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 and Versal Prime Series Gen 2.

AMD Versal AI Edge and Prime Gen 2 1

Poised to provide up to 3 times better TOPs-per-Watt performance over the last generation, these new Arm-based CPUs pack more than 10x scalar compute together with the latest range of functional safety and security features.

As for what’s the difference between the two offerings, the AI Edge Series excels in providing different layers of capabilities through a mix of processors starting with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) providing high throughput, low latency data preprocessing followed by next-gen AI Engine for inferencing with the finishing touch done by the Arm CPUs.

Meanwhile, the Prime Series is more for the “old times” a.k.a non AI-accelerated systems, featuring the same components as the former minus the AI inferencing part. It is also especially good for video processing since it can handle multiple 8K streams, hence proving its high video bandwidth.

In terms of software, AMD continues with the Vivado Design Suite that includes tools and libraries to help devs quickly start projects and accelerate compile times. On the other hand, the Vitis Unified Software Platform combines embedded programming, signal processing, and AI design development without the need for any FPGA skill sets.


Early access documentation for the software is already available for designers to hop in and be familiarized with the new 2nd generation Versal offerings while the actual commercial production of the SoCs is expected to be in late 2025.


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