MSI Launches #YesWeBuild Campaign To Inspire More People The Joy of PC Building 1

MSI launched #YesWeBuild Campaign featuring easy and fun PC building kit for beginners to start with.The campaign rolls out to provide informative and fun guide in assistance to get everybody understand the world of PC building in a nutshell. 

Along with a light-hearted video unveiling on Facebook and Youtube, MSI aims to arouse the “build-it-yourself” spirit within the community of PC gamers and echo the ultimate message of #YesWeBuild: “build it fun, build it like no one else.” 

The featured video of #YesWeBuild campaign takes an inside look of the four major groups of PC users: gamers, streamers, modders, and general PC users, portraying their lives before and after starting to build a PC. The unexpected, humorous plot concludes the reasons why we should build our own computer, encouraging all PC users to build it themselves.
This campaign also engages various social media events such as giveaway contest to inspire more people to share the great joy of PC building. Stay tuned to MSI social channel for the update.

PC Building Made Easy For Everyone

Seeing the needs of broad masses of audience who want to build their own PCs yet don’t know where to start from, MSI allies with Corsair to provide a useful guide with how-to tutorial videos for beginners.
By highlighting various aspects from knowing the hardware, to step-by-step hands-on instruction to build a PC, MSI and Corsair aim to fit every builder’s need and make PC building more approachable to anyone wants to start building.

To learn more about the campaign, you can visit the following link to the campaign landing page: Click Here


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