MSI Malaysia has started accepting pre-orders for its latest Creator series laptop – MSI Creator 17. Other than utilising the brand new Intel 10th generation Comet Lake CPUs and NVIDIA RTX graphics, this laptop is the world’s first notebook to sport a display powered by mini LED.

It was previously rumoured that Apple will be the first to offer this display technology but guess what, MSI jumped the gun and announces the MSI Creator 17 in CES 2020.

MSI Creator 17

MSI NB Creator 17 Space Gray photo01

Traditionally, LCD panels may have hundreds of LEDs to power the display backlight. This technology is working perfectly well as you can see on all the LCD panels around you. Mini-LED, on the other hand, could have more than thousands. What this means is that you can have more dimming zones, which translates to deeper blacks and contrasty image. That said, MSI has incorporated this display technology to the Creator 17 as it comes with 4K resolution with HDR1000 & DCI-P3 100% certified.

MSI Creator 17

MSI Creator 17 A10SFS –

MSI Creator 17 A10SE –


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