Montech has revealed the new AIR 1000 PC chassis with 3 different variants to serve the different needs of DIY builders around the world.

Montech AIR 1000 PREMIUM

Starting off the high tier AIR 1000 PREMIUM that can be configured with either a glass or mesh front panel for either better RGB transparency or improved airflow. Available in colors of Black and White, it features a tool-less and easily removable design to make the building experience much smoother and less hassle. Additionally, three 140mm front fans and one 120mm rear fan alongside a control hub are pre-installed out of the box.

Montech AIR 1000 LITE

For a lighter option, the AIR 1000 LITE delivers better value through the fine-mesh front panel alongside three 120mm fans (2 front 1 rear) for efficient intake and exhaust of air. Users can also clean the chassis easily thanks to the open-ended front panel and dust-filtered openings along the top and bottom of the case. It is also available in colors of Black and White.

Montech AIR 1000 SILENT

Lastly, for builds that need to be as stealthy as possible, the AIR 1000 SILENT uses a set of triple 120mm fans that are quiet while efficient with the side panels are layered with premium soundproofing vinyl material to ensure only a minimum amount of noise is produced. Only Black color is available for this model though.

Price and Availability

The Montech AIR 1000 series PC casing can be purchased on Newegg at the following price:

White color options are still unavailable at the moment as they still need some time to enter the global market.


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